Counseling Services

Counseling Services provides free, short-term counseling and crisis intervention for students. Counseling provides an opportunity for students to discover more about themselves while learning new skills to cope with personal, social, and academic demands.

Students can learn to:    

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  • Identify obstacles that hinder them from reaching their goals,   
  • Develop coping skills,   
  • Discover new attitudes and behaviors,   
  • Learn stress management skills,   
  • Set boundaries, and   
  • Utilize campus and community resources.  

Counseling services are provided by the Director of Counseling and Testing Services, a master’s level counselor, and graduate students completing an internship in a master’s level counseling or social work program. The interns are on campus two days per week. Students are encouraged to be an active participant during and between counseling sessions to enhance the change process. Students should expect to be treated with care and respect. Confidentiality is a key component of the counseling relationship except in cases when the student expresses harm to self or harm to others.  

Students who are diagnosed with long-term psychiatric conditions or severe substance abuse or dependence or who require ongoing therapy, medication, and psychiatric services will be referred to community mental health providers. Students who have issues outside of the expertise of the counselors may receive support with academic-related issues and crisis intervention in addition to being referred to community mental health providers.  

Students are encouraged to schedule an appointment. Walk-in services are provided when staff is available.

Counseling Services
Room C2101, General Studies Building

 If you feel depressed or suicidal after hours and on weekends, please call: 


 Suicide Prevention   Frontier Health  211 
   Sexual Assault Center   

For additional community resources, visit the Student Needs Project and click on the Community Resources link.