CLEP Registration Form


Name: Date of Birth:
Phone Number (Work): Phone Number (Cell/Home):


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Check the CLEP General Test or list CLEP Subject Examination. Be specific. 

One Exam per testing session

CLEP General Test: 

___ Social Sciences (History 1220 & Sociology 1020)

___ Humanities (English 2220 & Art 2010) (Humanities 2010 & Humanities 2020)

___ Natural Sciences (Biology 1010 & Physics 1030)

___ College Composition  (results available 3-4 weeks after test)

(All CLEP exams are 90 minutes with the exception of College Composition.The College Composition exam has a 50-minute multiple-choice section and a 70-minute online essay section scored by CLEP, for a total of 120 minutes. Students will write two essays.)


CLEP Subject Examination: _______________________ (Every CLEP exam is available.)



The CLEP fee is $100.00

  1. Non-refundable registration fee:  $20.00 to Northeast State 
  2. CLEP Examination Fee: $80.00 to CLEP Due day of Test. (Credit/Debit cards are preferred payment to CLEP. However, $80 fee may be paid by check or money order.)
  3. Military - Military ID required.  Active Duty, and spouses and civilian employees of Air Force Reserve, Air National Guard, Army National Guard, Army Reserve, and Coast Guard are exempt from the $80 fee, but must pay the $20 Registration Fee.)


Two forms are required on day of test! 

Primary ID must be a government-issued photo ID with a signature such as a driver’s license, Passport, state or federal ID card. Secondary ID must have either a photo or signature such as an employee or student ID, a Social Security card or a credit card with signature.


LOCATION: Testing location is C2406, the Testing Center, General Studies Bldg., Northeast State, 2425 HWY 75,  Blountville. Non-Northeast State students must stop at CAMPUS POLICE for a visitor's pass.

Contact Testing Services for more information, or (423) 323.0211




To expedite your check-in, email the following information to Testing Services:

  1. PREREGISTRATION: Email, and provide the following information:
    • Your first and last name
    • The name of your test
    • Your method of payment - debit or credit card, military, check or money order (include number)
  • Print this CLEP Registration Form
  • Take the completed CLEP Registration form to the Business Office on the first floor of the James Pierce building and pay the $20 Registration Fee.
  • Bring your receipt to the Testing Center, C2406, in the General Studies building.

    3.  Schedule Test Date Online

 Go to and click on

“Fall Testing Schedule.”


Scroll to CLEP and click on "Schedule Now"

(Use all 9999's for student ID if you are not a Northeast State student.)


If ADA accommodations are needed contact the Center for Students with Disabilities, C2418 or call (423) 279-7640.

REGISTRATION: Submit Registration Form and $20.00 fee to: 


Northeast State - Business Office

Pierce Building, P105

P.O. Box 246

Blountville, TN 37617


Business Office Use Only  Assessment Office Use Only

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Rec'd Date Paid/Voucher Received By Date


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