Proficiency Profile/Exit Exam

The Proficiency Profile/Exit Exam is a graduation requirement

for all associate degree seeking students.

Steps for taking the Proficiency Profile/Exit Exam 

  1. Submit a graduation application to the Office of Admissions and Records.
  2. Schedule and take the exam during the last semester of course work. Students who have nine hours or less of course work remaining after a spring semester may walk during the May commencement exercises, but will not take the Proficiency Profile/Exit Exam until the semester the remaining course work is completed.
  3. Receive a letter and/or email of notification from the Office of Admissions and Records that you are eligible to take the exit exam.

 Students must take the Proficiency Profile/Exit Exam before degrees will be conferred.   

The exam focuses on the overall academic skills students have developed through the general education curriculum rather than measuring knowledge in specific subjects. The exam covers humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. It will assess the student's college-level writing, college-level reading, critical thinking, and mathematics skills. Test results may be printed immediately after completion of the test.

Preparing for the Proficiency Profile/Exit Exam

  1. Review online sample questions.
  2. Plan two and one-half hours for the exam as it consists of two 60-minute multiple choice tests. A paper-and-pencil version of the test is available; however, those test results will not be available until June 2015. Students must notify the Testing Center if they prefer the paper-and-pencil version.
  3. Contact the Center for Students with Disabilities at 423.354.2476 if accommodations are needed before scheduling a test date. 

The test is available on both the Blountville and Kingsport campuses. A photo ID (driver's license or school/work ID) is required at check-in. A calculator is provided for testing. You are encouraged to leave your cell phone in your car as it must be stored during testing. Testing is by appointment only as hours are limited. 


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Contact the Office of Admissions and Records at 423.323.0253 for questions about graduation.  Students who have already taken the exit exam at Northeast State or who have earned a bachelor's degree may be exempt.  Contact Testing Services to determine if eligible for a waiver. or 423.323.0211


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