Proctored Midterm/Final Exams

Some RODP instructors require their online midterm and/or final exams be proctored and taken at an approved testing site. Northeast State is an approved testing site and proctors exams for any RODP student. There is no charge for proctoring RODP exams.
Please read the following information before scheduling your RODP test date:   
  • Schedule and take every exam during the acceptable time period set forth by the instructor.
  • Math exams are usually allotted two to three hours. If a test is allotted three or more hours, please contact to discuss the allotted time.
  • Two non-math courses, such as A & P, biology, humanities, chemistry, philosophy, physics, etc., may be taken during the same time slot (8:30 a.m., 1:00 p.m., or 5:00 p.m.) since each of these tests is limited to 45-90 minutes.
  • Your online registration is automatically saved once you complete and submit the online exam registration form. Testing Services will only email your instructor or you if there is a question or a problem. It is your responsibility to email your instructor your confirmation page which lists your testing location and test date.
  • You must arrive at the Testing Center, Room C2101 of the General Studies Building, Blountville campus, or Room R135, Regional Center for Applied Technology (RCAT) in Kingsport, at your scheduled time.
  • Photo ID required. You cannot take your test without your driver’s license or school ID for admittance.
  • Read the Examinee Guidelines before scheduling your test.  
  • Contact Testing Services if you have any questions.   
  • For additional information about RODP proctoring, please go to the TBR RODP web site. 
Students in accelerated courses must contact 423.323.0211 or to schedule a testing time.  

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