Cast List 

Aslan-Charles Clark
White Witch-Meredith Muse
Lucy- Lorrie Anderson
Susan- Audrey Hammonds
Peter- Richard Jackson
Edmund-Austin Sparks
Mr. Beaver- Andy Jimenez
Mrs. Beaver- Holly O’Brien
Tumnus- Tyler Bishop  
Fenris Ulf – Caitlin Haltom  
Father Christmas-Malen Marcum  
Elf-Dustin Lawson  
Dwarf- Ashley Guy  
Centaur- Jonathon Proctor  
Unicorn- Megan Bailey  
White Stag- Emma Ayers  
Wood Nymphs- Angel Thacker, Taylor Harrison, Grace Arrowood, Emma Ayers  
Woodland Owl- Jessica Winters
Fox- Kara Grindstaff   


TO EVERYONE WHO AUDITIONED:  Thank you for your curiosity, bravery, and risk. I know it can be difficult when your name is not on the cast list. If you have any concerns or questions about your auditions please do not hesitate to contact me at Also, please be on the lookout for an email from our Stage Manager. If you expressed interest in backstage /tech work, she will be sending you an email.  

TO THOSE WHO WERE CAST: If you see your name on the cast list, please email the Stage Manager, Hannah Duncan at to reject or accept your role By Saturday at noon. Also please note that our first rehearsal/read thru will be on Monday, February 3rd at 6:30 pm in the theatre classroom. If you cannot attend the first rehearsal let Hannah know and we will figure something out.