The Laramie Project Cast List:
Aaron Musselwhite: Andrew Gomez, Conrad Miller, Doc O’Conner, Matt Galloway, Jeffery Lockwood, Priest at Funeral, Juror #2 p74
Audrey Hammonds:  Minister’s Wife, Rebecca Hilliker, Tiffany Edwards, Waitress, Kristen Price, Cal Rerucha, Foreperson p83
Austin Sparks:  Aaron McKinney, Andy Paris, Doug Laws, Dr. Cantway, Matt Mickelson, Russell Henderson, Philip Dubois, Governor Geringer 
Caitlin Haltom: Amanda Gronich, Baptist Minister, Marge Murray, Shadow, Shannon, Reporter p23, Judge p 49, Juror #1 p74 
Dustin Lawson: Anonymous Friend of Aaron McKinney, Bill McKinney , Gil Engen, Jedadiah  Schcultz, Mormon Home Teacher, Rev. Fred Phelps, Stephen Belber, Newsperson #4 p51, Juror #6 p75, Bailiff p83
Edgar Bowlin: Father Roger Schmit, Greg Pierotti, Jonas Slonaker, Rob Debree, Rulon Stacey, SGT. Hing, Newsperson #3 p51, Bailiff p74
Holly O’Brien: Barbara Pitts, Catherine Connolly, Eileen Engen, Lucy Thompson, Sherry Aanenson, Newsperson p62, Juror #3 p74
Jonathan Proctor: Dennis Shepard, Harry Woods, Jon Peacock, Moises Kaufman, Murdock Cooper, Stephen Mead Johnson, Phil Labrie, Juror #4 p75, Judge p75
Lorrie Anderson: Allison Mears, April Silva, Trish Steger, Zubaida Ula, Romanine Peterson, Newsperson #2 p51, Newsperson p52
Megan Proctor:  Aaron Kreifels, Leigh Fondakowski, Jen, Trish Steger, Zackie Salmon, Newsperson p49
Tabitha Bird: All Narrator parts  
Shelby McKenzie: Reggie Fluty, Sherry Johnson, Newsperson #1 p51, email writer p58, Kerry Drake, Juror #5, Bailiff p 80

Hello Cast!  

  1. Please text or email Hannah Duncan by Noon on Friday, the 30th to accept or reject your role.
  2. The first read thru is Friday, the 30th at 6:30 in D182. I know some of you have work scheduled. Please let Hannah know if you are not able to attend. We will not be having designer presentations.
  3. You can pick up your script tomorrow from Hannah between 10:00 and 3:00. She will be in the Box Office in the WRCPA. If you cannot pick it up during those hours, please arrange a better time with Hannah.

Thank you to everyone who auditioned. This casting process has been especially agonizing due to the strong auditions. If you did not get cast and want to be involved in the show in some way, please contact Hannah Duncan at
Elizabeth M. Sloan
Head of the NeSCC Theatre Department
Posted: Thursday, January 29th