Training on the Toyota Kata Methodology authored by Mike Rother

What is Improvement Kata?
        The Improvement Kata is the routine that drives daily improvement, which is practiced every day at all processes to make it a habit.

Why is Improvement Kata/Coaching Kata needed?   Sustaining Lean/Continuous Improvement Energy and Gains
        Our traditional LEAN and Continuous Improvement systems lose energy, and their gains over time.  Toyota Kata results in a sustaining culture that is focused on daily improvement.

Participants will learn:
        This 8-hour workshop brings to life the practice of the concepts of Toyota Kata, including:
The Improvement Kata: The daily routine that drives daily improvement.
The Coaching Kata: A daily routine for teaching the Improvement Kata thinking pattern, and reinforces it, to sustain the continuous improvement.

Who should attend:
Organizational leaders who seek a strong continuous improvement environment should attend.  This includes: CEO’s, Managers, Supervisors, Lean Champions and Facilitators.

Workshop Presented by:
UT-CIS Lean Implementation experts facilitate this action-packed Toyota-Kata Training day by  combining lecture and hands-on learning. 

               Class Date:  April 23, 2013
               Class Time:  8:00 - 4:30 PM
               Location:  Northeast State Community College
               Fee:  $375 per person
                         *($50 per person discount per person when registering 4 or more from the same organization) 

Hosts:  Northeast State Community College and UT-Center for Industrial Services 

Please Register by April 19, 2013 

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