OSHA 300 Recordkeeping 

 Is This TOSHA Workshop for You? 

The OSHA 300 form has been around now since 2001.  Still many persons are not sure how to complete the forms correctly.  Accurate records are important for many reasons and TOSHA expects employers to comply with the rules for keeping records that truly reflect workplace injuries and illnesses that occur in Tennessee.  Monetary penalties issued by TOSHA can be very high if the records are NOT maintained according to the regulations.   

At this seminar, the student will get the information needed to record cases correctly, and will learn when cases should not be recorded.  Over-recording will only drive the injury/illness rate for your industry higher, possibly leading to increased TOSHA inspectional activity.  Correctly recorded data should also be used effectively in your facility to help maintain a safe and healthy workplace.  This workshop provides practical hands-on training and information on the recordkeeping system and the OSHA 300 LOG. 

After the seminar, you will know: 

  • Who must keep records 
  • Criteria for record ability 
  • How to determine if a case is work-related 
  • Recordkeeping forms and how to fill them out correctly 
  • TOSHA reporting and posting requirements 
  • The difference between OSHA recordability and workers compensability 

        Class Dates:  March 11, 2014
        Class Hours: 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM
        Location: Main Campus, Blountville, TN
        Fees: $80.00 per particpant
        Instructor:  TOSHA

 Registration Deadline:  March 4, 2014

For more information, contact Diana Harrison with Workforce Solutions at 423.354.5520 or dlharrison@northeaststate.edu 

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