Safety and health topics for maintenance personnel include the following which are covered in this seminar.  Learn what the hazards are, how to reduce them, and what the TOSHA standards require.   

         Lockout/Tagout Overview
        Machine Guarding Highlights
        Common Electrical Hazards
        Permit-Required Confined Spaces
        Health Hazards
                    Hazardous Chemicals
                    Bloodborne Pathogens
                    Emergency Planning and Fire Protection
                    Grinder and Compressed Gas Safety
                    Exit Routes

Maintenance personnel are responsible for, or have a hand in, many activities covered by TOSHA standards.  In this seminar TOSHA inspectors will provide you with insights they have gained over years of enforcing the regulations.  Since maintenance workers have responsibilities all over a facility, they are often in a position to affect the exposures of many employees to a variety of workplace hazards.  Recognition of hazards and application of safe work practices by maintenance workers is crucial to keeping a work environment safe and healthful for workers.   

Registration Deadline:  March 5, 2014

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        Class Dates:  March 12, 2014
        Course Hours: 8:00 A.M. - 4:30 P.M 
Main Campus in Blountville, TN
        Fees:  $150.00 per participant
        Instructor:  TOSHA

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