Certified Professional Secretary (CPS©) and the Certified Administrative Professional (CAP©) Certification

    The Certified Professional Secretary (CPS) certification is a nationally recognized standard for the professional secretary and is adwarded by the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP©).  The CPS and CAP (Certified Administrative Professional) exams are administered twice a year at Northeast State in the Wayne G. Basler Library on the main campus in May and November. 

    Review courses are offered online through the Tennessee Board of Regents Online Continuing Education (ROCE) program to aid in preparing for the CPS certification exams.  The CPS online review classes consist of Management, Office Systems and Technology, and Office Administration.  The review courses provide continuing education credit (CE) and follow the tuition rates set by the Tennessee Board of Regents ROCE program.  

    In addition to the review classes, the library has videotapes available for checkout to aid with test preparation.  If  you have specific questions regarding testing, please contact Michelle Wyatt, CPS Test Coordinator, at 423.354.2422 or e-mail at mrwyatt@NortheastState.edu . 

    For information about the CPS or CAP certification and eligibility requirements, go to IAAP.  For review class information, please visit the ROCE  web page.