Course Description:

This course will introduce or reintroduce students to Microsoft Office's Outlook 2010. Students will learn to send and receive e-mails in a manner that suits their purposes. Topics will include: 

- E-mail 
- Organization and e-mail management 
- Contacts and calendar 
- Folders 
- Tasks 
- Appointments and events 
- Meeting requests and responses 
- Customizing messages 
- Collaboration 
- Templates 
- Mail merges 
- Notes and Journal folders 
- Customizing Outlook

Who should take this course? 

Individuals who need or want a greater understanding of Outlook 2010.

Class Dates: April 19, 2012

Course Hours: 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Location: Kingsport Center for Higher Education – KCHE - 205

Fees: $80.00 per participant


Instructor: Susan Lane


Please register for this course by April 5, 2012.