Course Description:

New to online telecommuting, managing virtual employees or the most current technologies that are used to collaborate? If so, this workshop will lay a good foundation on techniques and technology to leverage Internet technologies and remote workers.

This course will teach: 
- Using cloud-based applications to effectively manage information and teams 
- Keeping everyone on the same page and avoiding communication breakdowns 
- Improving morale by helping employees at other locations feel like part of the team 
- Minimizing tension between off-site workers and "corporate" 
- Finding opportunities to give feedback to employees you rarely see 
- Facilitating different methods for brainstorming and problem-solving

Who should take this course? 

Professionals who are new or seeking to further knowledge in the telecommuting and technology field.

Class Dates: April 20, 2012

Course Hours: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm 

Location: Blountville Campus

Fees: $379.00 

Instructor: David Hite