Internal Audit

Christopher L. Hyder, CIA
Director of Internal Audit
Northeast State Community College
Office L201D
(423) 354-5286
Fax: (423) 323-0209

The purpose of the Internal Audit Department at Northeast State Community College is to help the institution accomplish its objectives by providing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluating and improving the effectiveness of risk management, internal controls, and the governance processes within the college.  Internal Audit assists management in its duties and responsibilities by evaluating activities, recommending improvements and providing other information designed to promote effective controls.  Northeast State Community College’s management has the primary responsibility for establishing and maintaining a sufficient system of internal controls.

Internal Audit exists in order to help provide and promote an efficient and effective operating environment that (1) ) is compliant with all applicable rules and levels of regulation and (2) supports the system-wide goals and purpose of the institution. 

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