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Dracula: An Audio Drama – Fall 2020

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Produced by the Northeast State Theatre Department and the Mass Communications Department. Adapted from Bram Stoker’s novel and adapted  by Catherine Bush.

The Audio Drama will be available to the public for free! Please come back to this website to access the play on October 28th.

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Production Dates

Available to the public from October 28, 2020-November 1, 2020.

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The Story

From Catherine Bush’s Website:

The vampire Dracula flees Transylvania for London, where the teeming population provides ample fodder for his blood-thirst. Only Abraham Van Helsing, the world-famous metaphysician, has a hope of stopping the Prince of the Undead. Can Van Helsing save the day? Or will his heroic efforts merely render him the next victim to Dracula’s deadly bite? A fresh new take on a timeless horror classic.

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For questions about this productions or the Theatre Department, contact Elizabeth M. Sloan a at her Google cell phone 423-302-0180 or email at .