Spring 2021 Faculty Development 

Inclusive Excellence Teaching Strategies

Dr. Brandy Bryson

Dr. Brandy Bryson is an Associate Professor in the Educational Foundations program in the Leadership and Educational Studies Department at Appalachian State University. Brandy teaches Critical Perspectives on Learning and Teaching for teacher education majors, Critical Perspectives on Race and Whiteness for The Honors College, doctoral seminars on theory and paradigms, and other graduate courses on race and inclusive diversity. Additionally, she supervises doctoral student dissertations and honors theses. Her research focuses on inclusive diversity, equity, and social justice broadly with a particular emphasis on racial literacy and racial equity in society and schools, PK-Doctorate.

Anti-Racist Teaching

Unlearning and Relearning:  My Journey as a White Anti-Racist

Intent v. Impact

Skills & Tips for Anti Racist Teaching 



Center for Teaching and Learning Workshop Schedule

Achieving the Dream Workshop

Dr. Tanya Scott

Tuesday, April 6


Classroom Climate/Why Implement Inclusive and Culturally Responsive Pedagogies

Implicit and explicit marginalization

Equity and Inclusion

Critical Self-Reflection

Breakout Group Exercise

Putting It into Practice

Core Components of Culturally Responsive Teaching

Discipline Specific Examples

Breakout Group Exercise

Link to Event

Using YouTube to Enhance Interest and Engagement in Lecture

Michele Glass, Associate Professor, Biology

Monday, April 5

11:00 a.m.

Participants will learn how YouTube recordings can enhance student engagement.


Yuja Closed Captioning Hands-on Workshop

Dr. Rick Merritt, Professor, Communication Studies, Dawn Dabney, Associate Professor, Mathematics, and Mike Collins, Manager, Academic Computing

March 19, 2021


Participants will learn how to edit closed captioning in Yuja.  

Participants should record and upload a short video (3-5 minutes) into Yuja in preparation for the training.



Camtasia Hands-on Workshop Resources

Dr. Rick Merritt, Professor, Communication Studies 

Mike Collins, Manager, Academic Computing

Ross Roberts, Instructor of Education

Andrea Amos, Instructor of College and Lifelong Learning

Camtasia Tutorial


Ally Training:  Accessibility Software Overview

Dr. Nathan Weber, Facilitator

These sessions will train faculty how to utilize our new Ally software, which evaluates D2L course materials for accessibility.  



Creating Community:  Using Video on D2L to Connect to Your Online Students 

Tabetha Garman, Facilitator

This session will demonstrate how creating videos can build a sense of community in your online class.  No advanced editing skills required!  After a quick demonstration, attendees will brainstorm ways to encourage students to contribute their own videos to connect with you and their fellow scholars.



Using Video Resources:  Taby's "How To" Videos

How to Reply 

How to Add a You Tube Video to a Post

How to Add Pictures to a Post

How to Upload and Share Video on Yuja

Making a Post to the Discussion Board

Using Zoom for Lab Classes and Group Work

Robin Byrne, Facilitator

Robin Byrne will discuss how her online science classes are structured and what a typical Zoom session looks like. There will be tips on how to set up Polls, Breakout Rooms, and ways to use them to encourage student participation.



Spring 2021 Strategic Planning Roundtable Sessions

Links for the Following Sessions will be Available on Tuesday, January 12, 2021


Dr. Pashia Hogan, Roundtable Facilitator

This session will explore various topics such as institutional identity and differentiation and collaborative opportunities and partnerships. During the session, we will also discuss optimal structuring for off-campus sites.

1/12/21, 1:30 - https://northeaststate.zoom.us/j/92220349332

1/12/21, 3:00 - https://northeaststate.zoom.us/j/95793300953



Chris Hitechew, Roundtable Facilitator 

This session will explore various topics regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion in programs and services and how we address these in our strategic planning process.

1/12/21, 1:30 -  https://northeaststate.zoom.us/j/97166027124  

1/12/21, 3:00 -  https://northeaststate.zoom.us/j/97636480227  



Dr. Xiaoping Wang, Roundtable Facilitator

This session will explore various topics regarding meeting the needs of regional employers through academic programming and services, our role in preparing students to transfer to a four-year institution successfully, and how to meet the community's needs, including our aging population, through programs and services.

1/12/21, 1:30 - https://northeaststate.zoom.us/j/92981969502?pwd=ZTE3a2xoYUw3UzVNektOWHhqbTBBUT09

1/12/21, 3:00 - https://northeaststate.zoom.us/j/99743502826?pwd=RTZ1U2JtdXpZVklTRFQ4ZERkSVVoQT09


Malissa Trent, Roundtable Facilitator

This session will enrich our discussions about short-term and long-term facility needs and the potential​ impact on our facilities master planning.

1/12/21, 1:30 - https://northeaststate.zoom.us/j/95473678703

1/12/21, 3:00 -  https://northeaststate.zoom.us/j/94259765340


Dr. Donna Farrell, Roundtable Facilitator

This session will explore various topics regarding maximizing recruitment and retention strategies and promoting student success

                                                                                                                                             1/12/21, 1:30 - https://northeaststate.zoom.us/j/96749277886

1/12/21, 3:00 - https://northeaststate.zoom.us/j/97607051853


Chris Demas, Roundtable Facilitator

This session will enrich our discussions about technological advancements and how Northeast State should plan to support future technology needs.

1/12/21, 1:30 -  https://northeaststate.zoom.us/j/91443849321 

1/12/21, 3:00 -  https://northeaststate.zoom.us/j/99863079596


David Bryant, Roundtable Facilitator 

This session will enrich our discussions about how our strategic planning process should address campus access, safety, and security.

1/12/21, 1:30 - https://northeaststate.zoom.us/j/98094784742

1/12/21, 3:00 - https://northeaststate.zoom.us/j/93124020334


  Dr. Francis Canedo, Roundtable Facilitator 

This session will enrich our discussions about making Northeast State an even better place to attend and at which to work. 

1/12/21, 1:30 - https://northeaststate.zoom.us/j/94359916803

1/12/21, 3:00 - https://northeaststate.zoom.us/j/96205225026


Inclusive Excellence Teaching Strategies

Inclusive Excellence Teaching Strategies

Dr. Brandy Bryson (she/her/hers) is an Associate Professor of Leadership and Educational Studies at Appalachian State University. Dr. Bryson is also the Director of Inclusive Excellence in App State’s faculty professional development center where she leads a team of 60 equity and inclusion faculty and staff on Inclusive Excellence efforts. Dr. Bryson teaches undergraduate, graduate and doctoral level courses that prepare educators and educational leaders to advance diversity, equity and inclusion efforts in teaching and learning, scholarship, and leadership. She is a sociologist of race and education by training. Her research interests include critical perspectives on race and whiteness, racial literacy development, culturally relevant pedagogy, inclusive teaching strategies in higher education, and qualitative research theory/paradigms. As a Research & Strategy Associate for the Center for Strategic Diversity Leadership and Social Innovation, Dr. Bryson also collaborates with Dr. Damon Williams to serve higher education institutions across the country in their Inclusive Excellence efforts.


On Anti-Blackness and Learning

Workshop Folder

Syllabus Framework

Recommended Reading

by William Germano and Kit Nicholls

- Jim Kelley

D2L Certification Course

The D2L Certification Course will provide faculty with the ability to utilize all  D2L tools and make course materials accessible.

Upon completion of each module, you will complete a quiz. 

When you score 80% or higher on the quiz at the end of each module, you will receive a certificate of completion for the individual module.

Upon completion of the entire course, you will complete a final quiz and receive a certificate of course completion.

The Course includes three modules:

- D2L Basics for Beginners -

- D2L Advanced Features -

- Accessibility -

All faculty are enrolled in the D2L Certification Course, so you have the ability to earn certification at any time.

Zoom Training

At the link below, you will find a Zoom training course to include instructions and best practices for utilizing Zoom to communicate with your students in person.