Fall 2020 Faculty Development Workshops 

Inclusive Online Teaching Webinars

The Association of College and University Educators is offering a series of webinars regarding  inclusive online teaching:

Effective teaching is inclusive teaching. When faculty work to implement evidence-based teaching practices, they are also working to create more inclusive online learning environments that promote equity.

                                                     Join us for a series of engaging virtual discussions about inclusive online teaching.

                                                     Throughout the series, featured faculty will share practical inclusive teaching approaches that can be immediately put to use to create a more equitable learning environment for their students.

Creating an Inclusive Online Learning Environment

Friday, October 2, 2020

3:00 p.m.


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Interactive Synchronous Zoom Instruction:  Tips and Tricks

October 9, 2020


Facilitated by:  Nona Shepherd
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Inclusive Excellence Teaching Strategies

Dr. Brandy Bryson (she/her/hers) is an Associate Professor of Leadership and Educational Studies at Appalachian State University. Dr. Bryson is also the Director of Inclusive Excellence in App State’s faculty professional development center where she leads a team of 60 equity and inclusion faculty and staff on Inclusive Excellence efforts. Dr. Bryson teaches undergraduate, graduate and doctoral level courses that prepare educators and educational leaders to advance diversity, equity and inclusion efforts in teaching and learning, scholarship, and leadership. She is a sociologist of race and education by training. Her research interests include critical perspectives on race and whiteness, racial literacy development, culturally relevant pedagogy, inclusive teaching strategies in higher education, and qualitative research theory/paradigms. As a Research & Strategy Associate for the Center for Strategic Diversity Leadership and Social Innovation, Dr. Bryson also collaborates with Dr. Damon Williams to serve higher education institutions across the country in their Inclusive Excellence efforts.

September 25, 2020



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I. Introduction 
A. Benefits of DEI
B. Situational Factors & Relationships in the Learning Environment
1. Faculty Relationship to Content and Teaching (privilege & identity)
2. Faculty-Student Relationships (identity, understanding, & empathy)
3. Students’ Relationship with Learning and the Discipline (equity & access)

October 23, 2020


II. Curriculum and Pedagogy

A. Creating a Sense of Belonging
B. Addressing Stereotype Threat Proactively
C. Microaffirmations

November 20, 2020


III. Inclusive Syllabus Design and Inclusive Teaching Assessment

A. Transparency in Teaching
B. Representation in the Curriculum
C. Relevance of Curriculum to Diverse Global Issues


D2L Certification Course

The D2L Certification Course will provide faculty with the ability to utilize all  D2L tools and make course materials accessible.

Upon completion of each module, you will complete a quiz. 

When you score 80% or higher on the quiz at the end of each module, you will receive a certificate of completion for the individual module.

Upon completion of the entire course, you will complete a final quiz and receive a certificate of course completion.

The Course includes three modules:

D2L Basics for Beginners

D2L Advanced Features


D2L Certification Course Registration

Module 1:  D2L Basics for Beginners Certification

Module 1:  D2L Basics for Beginners is currently available in D2L

Module 2: D2L Advanced Features

Module 2:  D2L Advanced Features is currently available in D2L

Module 3: D2L  Accessibility

Module 3:  Accessibility will be available August 24.

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Zoom Training

At the link below, you will find a Zoom training course to include instructions and best practices for utilizing Zoom to communicate with your students in person.