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About Northeast State Honors

The Northeast State Honors Institute, Northeast State's academic honors program, provides you with the opportunity to do advanced work in smaller class sections.  Honors assignments encourage in-depth and complex analysis, thereby allowing you to realize your passion for learning. The honors faculty at Northeast State will meet you where you are intellectually and challenge you to grow in unexpected ways.  They will often try out new readings and new assignments in honors classes, leading to discussions, projects, and essays that take honors students to surprising places. 

As a Northeast State honors student, you will join a learning community consisting of students from a variety of majors who want to get the most they can from each class meeting.  They read with care, ask questions, and have their own ideas.  They catch mistakes and learn from each other.  

If you are ready to channel your passion and get the most out of your education, Northeast State’s Honors will provide you with an extraordinary honors education. 

Should I be an Honors Student?

Small Class Sizes

Our most student-centered and innovative instructors develop special honors course sections which offer opportunities for you to engage in a variety of modes of inquiry.  The classes are smaller,  usually fewer than 20 students to a section, in order to encourage in-depth discussion and strong relationships between you, your classmates, and your professors. 

The Honors Degree

Honors classes are marked as such on your transcript. Whether you complete the Honors program or only take one course, graduate schools and prospective employers will know that you were an honors student.  Students who complete 12 hours or more in the honors program will be recognized during the College’s Honors Convocation.  A graduating student who completes 18 hours of honors coursework at Northeast State will receive a diploma that records completion of the Honors Program.

The Honors Program Scholarship

The Honors Program is sponsored by the Northeast State Foundation.  To be eligible, students must 

  • Be admitted to the Honors Program
  • Be enrolled full-time at Northeast State
  • Be committed to the completion of 18 hours of honors coursework
  • Maintain a minimum college-level GPA or 3.25
  • Complete 9 hours of honors courses with at least a 3.25 GPA during each of the first and second semesters of enrollment

To apply, complete the following Northeast State Online General Scholarship Application. Complete the form and submit online by March 1.

Free Application for Federal Student Aid

For more information regarding the Honors Program Scholarship, contact 

Office of Scholarship Programs

Room C2107

Northeast State Community College

P.O. Box 246, Blountville, TN 37617-0246


Program Requirements

The Northeast State Honors Program is open to students who meet at least one of the following minimum criteria:

  • ACT composite score of 25
  • SAT score of 1130
  • GPA of 3.25

Students must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.25 to maintain good standing in the Northeast State Honors Program.  This requirement will be based solely on grades earned at Northeast State, will apply to all students admitted to the program, and cannot be waived.