Spring 2022 Course Offerings

ART 2020-IH1  Art History Survey  Fully Online Course                                      

BIOL 1120-B01 General Biology II  TR:  8:30-9:50

BIOL 1120-B41 General Biology II  Lab M 8:20-10:10 

BIOL 1120-B46 General Biology II Lab M: 12:20-2:10

BIOL 2010-BH1 Anatomy and Physiology I TR 9:00-10:20 and F 9:00-11:00 

BIOL 2010-B63 Anatomy and Physiology I Lab R 10:30-12:20

BIOL 2020-BH1  Anatomy and Physiology II MW 1:30-2:50 and F 9:00-11:00 

BIOL 2020-B48 Anatomy and Physiology II Lab W 10:30-12:20

BIOL 2230-IH7 Microbiology Online Lecture T 5:00-6:50 for Testing

BIOL 2230-BH48 Microbiology Lab T:  12:30-2:20 

ECON 2100-BH1 Macroeconomics MW 12:00-1:20

WGST 2050-BH1  Intro to Women/Gender Studies MW 12:00-1:20

ENGL 1020-BH1 English Composition II TR 10:30-11:50

ENGL 1020-IH1 English Composition II Fully Online Course

ENGL 2160-BH1 Mythology MW 9:00-10:20

HIST 2020-BH1 Modern US History  TR 12:00-1:20

HIST 2020-IH1 Modern US History Fully Online Course

HUM 2350-BH1  Technology and Society TR 1:30-2:50

HUM 1020-IH1  Modern Humanities Fully Online Course

PSYC 2130-BH1 Lifespan Psychology MW 10:30-11:50

SOCI 1040-BH1 Social Problems MW 1:30-2:50

COMM 2025-IH1 Fundamentals of Communication Fully Online Course