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The primary mission of the Inclusive Excellence Peer Mentor Program is to ease the transition of new students to Northeast State Community College so that they may succeed personally, socially, and academically. The Northeast State Inclusive Excellence Peer Mentoring Program facilitates student retention and enhances academic performance among Tennessee Promise and other new students through direct interaction between new students and Northeast State Honors and other successful student peers.

Did you register late this semester? ARC/Peer to Peer
Are you a Tennessee Promise Student?  Success Coaching
Are you a minority student at Northeast State?  REACH
Are you a non-traditional student returning to college?  Tennessee Reconnect
Are you a first-generation college student, Pell-eligible, or have a documented disability?  TRiO Student Support Services
Would you like support from another student?
Peer Mentoring


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Problems that Mentors Can Help Solve

  • How do I contact my advisor?
  • What do I do if my classes disappear (purged)?
  • What do I do if I'm failing a class?
  • Where do I get help with D2L?
  • Where do I get tutoring or join a study group?
  • How do I get help from my teacher?
  • How do I check on my Financial Aid?
  • How do I find out who my advisor is?  
  • How do I find out about events on campus?
  • Where can I get counseling services?

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