Fall 2019 Honors Courses 

EDUC 1030-A18College and Lifelong LearningTR 10:30-11:50ENGL 1010-A14  English Composition IMW 1:30-2:50
BIOL 1110-A02 General BiologyTR 7:30-8:50ENGL 2045-A01  Introduction to LiteratureTR 9:00-10:20
BIOL 1110-A50General Biology LabF 8:20-10:10HIST 2010-A08  Early U.S. HistoryMW 12:00-1:20 
BIOL 2010-AH1 Anatomy and Physiology ITR 9:00-10:20 & Friday 9:00-11:00HIST 2010-IH1 Early U.S. History Online Online
BIOL 2010-A43Anatomy and Physiology I LabR 10:30-12:20HUM 1010-A02 Early Humanities MW 9:00-10:20
BIOL 2020-AH1 Anatomy and Physiology IIMW 1:30-2:50 & Friday 9:00-11:00 HUM 1010-IH1  Early Humanities Online Online
BIOL 2020-A61Anatomy and Physiology II LabW 10:30-12:20PSYC 1030-A02  Introduction to Psychology MW 10:30-11:50
BIOL 2230-IH1 Microbiology (Internet)T 5:00-6:50SOCI 2010-IH1 Marriage and Family Online Online
BIOL 2230-A83 Microbiology LabT 12:30-2:20Prob and Stats/Sociology Co Req  See the Fall 2019 Registration Form TR 9:00-11:50
COMM 2055-A01Argumentation and DebateTR 12:00-1:20