Study Abroad

Why Study Abroad?

✔enhance personal growth

✔facilitate intercultural development

✔help students to develop a more sophisticated way of viewing the world

✔stretch and strengthen student academic, personal and social skills

✔foster student appreciation of societal differences such as language, social customs and economics

✔enhance foreign language skills

✔strengthen student global competence

Where Can I Go?

Northeast State is a member of the Tennessee Consortium for International Studies (TnCIS), Through TnCIS, Northeast State students can participate in 3 or 4-5 week long study abroad courses for college credit. All programs are offered after the spring graduation. Courses and locations vary each semester.

How Much Does it Cost?

Costs for study abroad courses are established and published on the TnCIS website each fall. Please visit this website for more information regarding costs. Students accepted to TnCIS programs register and pay the program fee at Northeast State. This allows students to receive course credit directly from Northeast State and have it appear on their transcripts.

What are the application and payment deadlines?

The application deadline for Summer 2019 study abroad is February 11, 2019 (all applications as well as the application fee must be received by this deadline). Students must apply here. The $100 application fee should be paid at the Northeast State cashier window. The course payment deadline is March 7, 2019.

What course should I consider taking?

Students are encouraged to consult with their Academic Advisor about the benefits and feasibility of having study abroad as part of their Northeast State Program of Study.

Is financial aid available? What about scholarships?

If you are receiving financial aid and would like to discuss if and how funds can be used for study abroad, you must schedule an appointment to meet with a representative from the Financial Aid Office during the fall semester prior to your planned study abroad. A Study Abroad Scholarship may also be available to students. The scholarship application deadline is March 1st.

How do I learn more about Studying Abroad?

Attend a study abroad Information Session scheduled to take place in the fall of each academic year.

Contact Northeast State TnCIS representative Connie Marshall at for more information.

Visit the Tennessee Consortium for International Studies Website.