At Ease Ally

At Ease AllyThe process of transitioning into the civilian world can be very challenging for veterans.  Enrolling in college may pose even more obstacles veterans have to face during the transition process.  Since the Post 9/11 GI Bill®, colleges have been seeing an increase in their veteran population and with this comes the increased need for faculty and staff, as well as students, to be aware of the possible issues a student veteran may be facing.  Our hope with the At Ease Program is to assist student veterans with their transition into the campus culture as well as the civilian world.

At Ease Allies will be designated on a volunteer basis.  Allies will be comprised of faculty and staff military veterans who will make themselves available as a sympathetic ear when needed.  Allies will have the ability to refer student veterans to campus resources as well as outside resources.  Allies are not mental health counselors but rather someone who has “been there, done that” and has an understanding of what the student veterans may be going through.    

At Ease Allies

Anthony Adams
John Adcox
Andrea Amos
Chad Bailey
John "Andy" Blessing 
Richard Blevins
Jeff Coalson
Susan Graybeal
Kenneth Knight
Richard Merritt
Dan Perry
Erin Sommer 
Eric Stanton

For allies' contact information please visit our directory.