Accelerated Terms/Course

Northeast State offers accelerated sessions during the fall, spring, and summer terms.  When a term or class is not standard, the credit hours are converted to what VA calls "equivalent" credit hours to determine training time.  Training times may vary during the term, so please contact the Veteran & Military Student Success Center if you are pursuing any non-standard terms or classes. 

Summer Semester 2022

The following table represents the pay scale for summer semester 2022 only.  Terms vary each year; so do not assume that this scale will be the same every year.  You may mix and match sessions, but be aware that training times and pay rates may change during the term.  Pay close attention to the dates of your classes.  If your class dates are not listed below please give us a call for training time information.   

 Rates of Pursuit for Students
Receiving V.A. Benefits

Non-standard terms affect VA benefits ONLY. 

Funding for Financial Aid awards requires the same enrollment in all eligible terms.

Summer 2022

Full Summer Session:  6/3/2022 - 8/13/2022

7 hours = Full-Time
6 hour = 3/4 Time
4 = 1/2 Time

  Intersession:  5/12/2022 - 6/2/2022

4 hours = Full-Time  

First Summer Session:  6/3/2022 - 7/8/2022
4 hours = Full-Time

Second Summer Session:  7/12/2022 - 8/13/2022

4 hours = Full-Time
3 hours = 3/4 Time