Rave Mobile Safety Notifications

Rave Mobile Safety

Sign up today for Rave Guardian, Northeast State’s emergency notification system. It sends important notifications to registered mobile phones & devices.

About Rave Guardian

We are happy to announce our newest app, Rave Guardian. This app is new to Northeast State and offers many useful features for your safety. Rave Guardian allows you to chat with the Northeast State Police Department, report suspicious activity, gain access to important resources specific to campus locations, communicate directly with the Northeast State Police Department as well as contact 911 through the app, and provide virtual escorts through the use of safety timers.

You can download the Rave Guardian app from your favorite app store. Andrew Mitchem, our Deputy Chief of Police and Training officer, has put together this video to show you where you can get the app, how to set it up, and some of the features. For more information, contact Deputy Chief Mitchem (423.279.7655) or Chief Johnson (423.354.5119).