FAQs from Faculty

How can I find training on D2L and Digital Accessibility?

The CTL has created an in-depth training on your D2L platform called D2L Certification Course. It covers everything you need to know on D2L and has many tips to get you started on creating accessible documents. 

Where can I find Ally training?

There is a recorded workshop called Ally Training:  Accessibility Software Overview located on the CTL webpage and can be found here.  These sessions will train faculty how to utilize our new Ally software, which evaluates D2L course materials for accessibility.

What screen reader do we use and how does it work?

NESCC uses  Read & Write as their preferred screen reader. This is a free program and will work across platforms. There is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to use Read & Write with PDF’s that is available for  download

Click here for Read & Write installation instructions.

I am using resources from a publisher and they are not digitally accessible. What can I do?

If you are using PowerPoints or other resources from your textbook publisher and they are not passing the Ally Accessibility test, then you can reach out to the rep that your division works with to get accessible materials. Many of the publishers already have the accessible resources available for you. TBR also has a list of  Accessible Instructional Materials and Technology Conformance.