Coronavirus OIT Help Directory

This page contains a short list of helpful contacts that may assist you with IT-related issues during this modified schedule.

Important Contacts

Note: Please contact personnel in the order listed if there are two or more people who can help.

Service Contact
VPN and/or Remote Desktop help Steve Nickols
Carl Crawford
Tamra Harris
Computer Issues Logan Mason
Kevin Hubbard
Phone Issues Kevin Hubbard
MyNortheast Steve Nickols
Tamra Harris
 Margaret Lester
Banner Tamra Harris
Margaret Lester
Network or Email login Steve Nickols
Tamra Harris
D2L Michael Collins
Margaret Lester
All Other Issues Margaret Lester

Phone Numbers

Contact Phone
Michael Collins 423.212.3552
Carl Crawford 423.354.2403
Tamra Harris 423.354.5182
Kevin Hubbard 423.354.2447
Margaret Lester 423.323.0202
Logan Mason 423.354.5103
Steve Nickols 423.354.2492