Volunteer Northeast State

Volunteer Northeast State initiates and nurtures partnerships between community groups and students in order to improve the quality of life for our students and area residents. This site offers diverse opportunities for individuals and student groups to become involved in community service. Volunteer Northeast State is also designed to offer faculty members and community organizations an opportunity to coordinate volunteer community service activities with academic courses and local agencies.

Students Volunteering

Areas of Focus

  1. To present community volunteer opportunities for students and staff.
  2. To inform students and staff about community service-learning opportunities.
  3. To enrich student life with community art and culture.

Addressing these interests is accomplished through the exchange of ideas and resources between the campus and the community. The organization serves as a gate through which information concerning community volunteer organizational needs and campus volunteer service flows into the campus and out into the community.

The information and links found in this website are intended to offer volunteers a path from which to learn more about volunteer and service-learning opportunities, as well as community cultural activities.

We urge you to explore the website and to get involved.

Dr. Laura T. Barnett 
Associate Professor, Speech Communications 
Coordinator, Volunteer Northeast State 
423.354.2556, ext. 3356