TBR (Tennessee Board of Regents) Access and Diversity (A&D) Initiative Grants 

Amount: $29,530

With the dismissal of the Geier v. Tennessee lawsuit in September 2006, the Tennessee Board of Regents system began a new course of action to address issues related to access and diversity at its universities, community colleges and technology centers. The cornerstone of the new effort is a commitment to increasing the educational attainment level of all Tennessee citizens coupled with a strong belief in the value of diversity to the educational process. Accordingly, the TBR central office has established a pool of funds that provides grants to projects designed to attract and retain increasing numbers of students, faculty and staff who can contribute to and benefit from these new access and diversity initiatives.

2013-14 A&D GED Bridge

The College Access GED Bridge program was funded toGED students and former graduates living in the five county service areas.  Services were designed to ease student transitions from GED to the community college and included academic readiness, college enrollment navigation, career counseling and advising, computer literacy and orientation to online course work.