TBR (Tennessee Board of Regents) Perkins IV Basic Grant 

Amount: $105,724

The purpose of the Perkins Grant is to provide holistic funding for the establishment, enrichment and enhancement of career and technical programs at Northeast State. This includes but is not limited to the following:  

  1. To institutionalize transition activities within the career and technical activities of the community college.
  2.  Dual and joint enrollment opportunities for lower-level students.
  3. Programs designed to provide lower-level students with a non-duplicative sequence of progressive achievement leading to technical skill proficiency, a credential, a certificate, or a degree.
  4. Career and financial aid counseling for secondary and postsecondary students, including members of underrepresented genders in occupational areas.
  5. Training of secondary instructional personnel to assist students in attaining rigorous academic standards in order to achieve non-developmental college placement requirements.
  6. To develop partnerships with representatives of business and industry, labor organizations, workforce development agencies, economic development agencies and other interested individuals who are stakeholders within the career and technical education arena.
  7. To initiate, improve, expand, and modernize quality career and technical education programs, including Relevant Technology.
  8. To work with the Deans of Advanced Technologies and Business Technologies to purchase materials or equipment that will better prepare A.A.S students in preparing for the workplace.