Holidays, Time Off, and Leave

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Types of Leave


Annual Leave


Sick Leave


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Voting Leave

You can check your leave balances in MyNortheast in the Banner Self-Service section, under the Employees section.

Questions about leave should be directed to the Payroll Department.

Sick Leave Banks

Northeast State employees wishing to join the Faculty or Non-Faculty Sick Leave Banks may sign-up during the annual enrollment period of October 1 – October 31.  Please refer to Policies  05:08:10 and  05:08:17 for further details and eligibility.  


Non - Faculty



  Sick Bank Enrollment Form

Sick Bank Enrollment Form

  Sick Bank Request Form

Sick Leave Bank Assessment - new members


Sick Leave Bank Request

For questions, please contact:

Nikki Morrison, Chair, Non-Faculty Sick Leave Bank 
Phone: 423.354.5170 or Ext. 5170 

Dr. David Toye, Chair, Faculty Sick Leave Bank 
Phone: 423.354.2561 or Ext. 3361