Research, Analytics and Planning Staff

  • Karen Johnson
    Executive Assistant - Research, Analytics and Planning
    Office A102 
    Tel: 423.354.2445
    Fax: 423.323.0209
  • Cindy Christian
    Coordinator - Research, Analytics, and Planning 
    Office: C2415A
    Tel: 423.354.2478
    Fax: 423.323.0209
  • Dr. John Grubb
    Business Intelligence Analyst        
    Office A212C 
    Tel: 423.354.5144
    Fax: 423.323.0209

  • Dr. Josh Whitlock
    Assistant Vice President for Research, Analytics and Planning
    Office A101
    Tel: 423.354.5375
    Fax: 423.323.0209 

The purpose of the office of Research, Analytics, and Planning is to advance institutional planning, enhance data-driven decisions, and coordinate applicable external reporting.