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The Northeast State Staff Senate provides open discussion among its members on matters of concern to the College/student body/non-faculty staff and ensures open communication among staff members and between the staff and the senior leadership of the College. The objectives of the Staff Senate are to:

  • serve as a vehicle for ascertaining staff attitudes and expressions and for dissemination of these attitudes and expressions to the senior leadership.
  • maintain through the president of the senate and the senate’s Executive Committee a direct line of communication to the senior leadership.
  • promote better communication between staff and senior leadership, between staff and other staff, between staff and faculty, and between staff and students. 


The membership shall be made up of full-time non-faculty staff members. Voting members will represent the following divisions/offices: Current Members List

  • Academic Affairs - (2) members
  • Administration and Grant Development - (1) member
  • Advancement - (1) member
  • Economic and Workforce Development - (2) members
  • Finance and Information Technology - (2) members
  • Institutional Excellence and Student Success - (3) members
  • Safety, Security, and Plant Operations - (2) members

Non-voting members: 

  • One representative from the Faculty Senate
  • Past-President of Staff Senate if no longer serving as a member
  • One member from Human Resources to serve as a resource

The Executive Committee

  • President - Michelle Stanley, Assistant Director of Admissions and Records
  • Vice President -  Anthony Adams, Client Services Computer Technician
  • Secretary -  Jessica Fields, Executive Secretary for the Office of Institutional Excellence & Student Success
  • Parliamentarian -  J. Mike Ramey, Evening Coordinator, KCHE

Staff Senate Members 21-22

Staff Senate Members 21-22:

bottom left to right: Office Randall Proffitt, Anthony Adams, Michelle Stanley, Jessica Fields

middle left to right: Glenna Cullop, Ashley Pierce, Etta Baker, Jessica Kelso

top left to right: Sherry Lawson, Kathy Albright, Rayma Gibbs, Robin Byrd 

not pictured: J. Mike Ramey, Robin Cain, Mike Buczkowski, John Adcox, Summer Wright


Employee Appreciation Quarterly Birthday Celebration - May 4 - for employees who celebrated birthdays in April, May, and June.

Watch for the next birthday celebration email for those birthdays in July, August, and September. 

The Charitable Giving Campaign for 2021-2022 allows those employees that donated $50.00 to the charity of their choice to wear jeans on Fridays with Northeast State logo attire through August 26, 2022. Beginning September 2, 2022, the President's Cabinet approved for all employees to wear business casual on Fridays. This includes jeans without holes, frays, etc. For more information read the Employee Appreciation Memorandum linked here. 

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at or use our Staff Senate Feedback Form. This form is anonymous but please feel free to leave your name and contact information so that we may contact you for further information. 



Meeting minutes and town hall recordings can be accessed through our share drive \\polaris\StaffSenate. If you have any problems accessing, please contact Steve Nickols at or 423.354.2492 (ext. 3547).