Federal Work Study Program 

Work-Study Students

The Federal Work Study Program offers eligible students, who demonstrate financial need, an opportunity to earn additional funds for educational expenses.

Eligible students are placed within positions that will help them gain valuable work experience to carry throughout their careers. Student workers are paid an hourly wage rate for work performed. Earnings are based upon the student’s unmet need after all other awards are considered. These funds are not used to pay tuition and fees.

Eligible students may have the opportunity to work within a community service position off campus as a reading tutor through the America Reads Program, which is funded through the Federal Work Study Program. 

Application Process/Eligibility Requirements

1.    Must have a completed FAFSA on file

2.    Must demonstrate unmet financial need

3.    Must meet Satisfactory Academic Progress standards

4.    Complete a Federal Work Study Application

5.    The Financial Aid Office will contact students to set up an interview


    Through direct deposit only.

    Once per month on the 15th.

    Up to 25 hours per week


    Federal Work-Study