Payment of Awards

  1. Payment of Federal Pell Grant, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity​ Grant (FSEOG), Tennessee Student Assistance Award (TSAA), Tennessee Education Lottery Scholarships (TELS), TN Promise, Access and Diversity Grants, Northeast State Scholarships, Foundation Scholarships, and private scholarships are made in the following ways:

    Students who have been awarded and have registered on a full-time basis will have their accounts credited up to the level of award(s).  Awards may need to be adjusted for students enrolled less than full-time.  Any adjustments will automatically be made by the Financial Aid Office.

    Charging Books:
      Students who have a credit balance on their student account after financial aid has been applied and tuition and fees have been deducted will be able to charge books at the Northeast State Bookstore during advertised dates each semester.  The charges made at the bookstore will be deducted from their credit balance.

    Book vouchers should be requested from the following offices prior to the start of each semester:

         AB&T/TAA/WIA - Room C2111 Advising Resource Center
         Veterans Rehabilitation - Room N111 Office of Veterans Affairs
         Vocational Rehabilitation - Room C1102 Accessibility Services

    Book vouchers are not available for funds such as Federal Pell, FSEOG, TSAA, and TELS.

    Attendance will be reviewed on the census date (14th day of the term).  Awards will be adjusted for unattended classes prior to the date of disbursement.

    Example: If a student registers for 12 credit hours, but has only attended 6 credit hours by the census date, the award (Pell, FSEOG, TSAA, TN Promise, and TELS) will be adjusted to half-time.

    It is the responsibility of the student to notify the Financial Aid Office if attendance is changed.  The Financial Aid Office will update the amount of award during the term if the student is eligible.  To be eligible for update, a student must participate in class related activities prior to the census date.

    Funds in excess of the fees credited to the account during fee payment will be disbursed after census date.  A check will be mailed to the permanent address listed in the Office of Admissions & Records or direct deposited to the student's account on the census date each term.  Checks must be cashed within 30 days or the funds will be returned to the Department of Education.  The student is responsible to pay any tuition/fees, if the funds are returned.  Check your MyNortheast account for the refund amount.

    If a student becomes eligible for financial aid funds after the census date, a check will be mailed to the student or direct deposited to the student's account for the total semester's award minus any current term fees owed for classes that have been attended.

    Federal Pell Grant, FSEOG, TSAA, TN Promise, and TELS: Awards will automatically be adjusted up and down through the census date (14th calendar day) of each term.


    If a student registers for six hours before classes have begun and then adds six more hours before the census date, he/she will be paid for 12 hours.

    If a student registered for 12 hours and Federal Pell, FSEOG, TSAA, or TELS have been credited to his/her account and then drops/withdraws from six hours prior to the census date of the term, he/she will only be paid for six hours.

    The awards will be recalculated for actual classes attended if a class is cancelled and another is not added, if a student withdraws before attending class, or if a student enrolls but never attends class.

  2. Payment of Federal Work-Study (FWS) is made as follows:

    Federal Work-Study is paid monthly according to the number of hours worked.  Leave reports must be in the Financial Aid Office by the 1st each month for wages to be disbursed on time.  Federal Work-Study funds earned will be direct deposited to the student's checking or savings account.  The amount earned is not credited to the student's NeSCC account and cannot be used to pay the initial costs of tuition, fees, and books each semester.

    Note: Students must have a Federal Work-Study award on their Financial Aid notification prior to beginning their work assignments.