Policies and Procedures

Tennessee Education Lottery Scholarship (TELS)

Please read the following Policies and Procedures related to the Tennessee Lottery Scholarship. Recipients of the TELS scholarship must follow these procedures to ensure eligibility. 

  • The stated award amount is based on full-time (12+ credit hours) enrollment. The award amount will be prorated at the time of disbursement for less than full-time enrollment. Students must be enrolled in a minimum of six credit hours to receive a TELS award.
  • Enrollment level (full-time, etc.) will be locked in on the 14th calendar day of the semester. This includes the first day of classes. A full-time student who drops below full-time after this day without approval from Northeast State's Institutional Review Panel (IRP) will automatically lose his/her scholarship and will not regain eligibility. For specific details please go to TELS Appeal Procedures.
  • All TELS awards are conditional. TSAC will determine final eligibility.
  • A Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) must be completed each year prior to September 1st to be considered for renewal of TELS for Fall term.
  • The TELS grade point average (GPA) may differ from the institutional GPA. All hours attempted are included in a student's TELS GPA. 
  • Students must meet the conditions of the Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) policy to continue to receive TELS.
  • Students must maintain eligibility standards for continuation of the TELS: 
    • 24 attempted credit hours and minimum 2.75 TELS GPA
    • 48 attempted credit hours and minimum 2.75 TELS GPA
    • 72 attempted credit hours and minimum 3.00 TELS GPA or 2.75 TELS GPA or better and last term GPA of at least 3.0
    • 96 attempted credit hours and minimum 3.00 TELS GPA or 2.75 TELS GPA or better and last term GPA of at least 3.0
  • Students who graduated from high school spring semester and beyond must enroll in college within 16 months following graduation from high school or attaining a GED.
  • Students must maintain continuous enrollment in college each academic year. Enrollment during the summer semester is not considered. Students may submit a request for leave of absence if they will be unable to attend a period of time due to extenuating circumstances.
  • TELS recipients who pre-register for the next semester may use their TELS awards toward fees. However, TELS awards will be cancelled if eligibility is not maintained.
  • Grade changes, including a grade received to satisfy an “Incomplete,” may make a student eligible or ineligible for TELS and his/her award status will be adjusted accordingly for the semester in which the grade change occurred as well as any subsequent semesters.
  • Students who lose their TELS due to extenuating circumstances may submit a request to Northeast’s Financial Aid Office for reinstatement if they have documented medical or personal reasons. For specific details, please contact the Financial Aid Office or visit the Financial Aid Forms page and select the appropriate Request for Appeal form.
  • Credit balances resulting from a TELS award will be refunded to students after certification of eligibility is completed and TELS funds have been received from TSAC.