How to Graduate

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Application for Graduation 

*Spring 2019 diplomas will be available for pickup beginning June 5, 2019

Graduation FAQs

How do I apply for graduation?

Complete and submit the Application for Graduation to the Admissions and Records Office. You may obtain an application in the Admissions and Records Office or the Campus Information Center.

I am completing two concentrations in the same major. Will I receive two diplomas?

You may complete requirements for more than one concentration of study within the degree program by successfully completing all course requirements in both concentrations. You will receive separate diplomas, one for each concentration.

How will my name appear on the diploma and/or certificate?

Your name will appear exactly as you list it on the Application for Graduation.

When/where is the commencement ceremony? 

Students graduating in the fall, spring and summer semesters will attend the commencement exercises in May. The spring commencement exercises are held in early May at East Tennessee State University’s Mountain States Health Alliance Athletic Center (Mini-Dome).

When will graduation regalia be available? 

Caps and gowns are available for pickup in the Admissions and Records office in late March. Graduating students will receive an email when the caps and gowns are available. There is no charge for a graduating student to receive cap and gown. 

When will I receive my diploma? 

Diplomas are not distributed at the commencement ceremony. Diplomas for fall, spring, and summer will be available for pick up in the Office of Admissions and Records approximately 4-6 weeks following each graduation semester. Email notifications will be also sent to students with the date diplomas will be available.

How/when are graduation honors calculated?

 Students receiving associate degrees with final cumulative grade point averages of 3.9 to 4.0 will be awarded Summa Cum Laude while those with final cumulative grade point averages of 3.75 to 3.89 will be awarded Magna Cum Laude. Graduates with final cumulative grade point averages of 3.5 to 3.74 will be awarded Cum Laude. Developmental studies grade point averages will not count toward calculation of either semester or graduation honors. Northeast State has one commencement ceremony per year, which is at the end of the spring semester. Therefore, graduation honors are calculated at the end of the fall semester. This average will be included in the graduation program, the graduation ceremony and all news releases concerning graduation.

I did not complete my requirements within the semester I applied. How do I apply for graduation now?

Students who do not graduate during the semester that is indicated on the Application for Graduation should reapply for graduation during the semester in which they intend to graduate.

I missed the deadline to submit an Application for Graduation. Can I submit it late?

You may submit it for the following semester.

If I lost or destroyed my diploma, can I get a new one?

Yes. The replacement cost is $15 and this fee should be paid directly to the Business Office with a written request for a new diploma. The written request should include the student’s name, as it should appear on the diploma, dates of attendance, year of graduation, Campus Wide Identification number and where the replacement diploma should be mailed. It takes approximately one week for processing the replacement diploma request.

Do I need to take any graduation exams? 

The State of Tennessee requires that all graduates earning an associate or bachelor’s degree from a state institution participate in an exit examination. The College uses the Proficiency Profile exit exam. There is no fee for completing this exam, and no minimum score or level of achievement is required to graduate. However, the outcome of the test affects the College’s funding. And, the value of your diploma in the community is directly related to how Northeast ranks in meeting its educational objectives, so please put forth your best effort. It is requested you complete this exam before your degree will be conferred. Also, students must complete required competency examinations in specified academic majors. Students will be notified by mail about specific testing requirements.

Can I participate in the commencement ceremony if I have remaining requirements to complete in the summer? 

Students who plan to complete requirements for graduation by the end of the summer term may participate in the spring graduation ceremonies. These students must (1) complete the Application for Graduation by the spring deadline as published in the Academic Calendar and; (2) be within three courses of degree completion.

How will I find out if I am approved for graduation?

After you submit your graduation application to the Office of Admissions and Records, your application is then forwarded to the appropriate academic dean for review. This can be a lengthy process, as the deans must evaluate each individual student's information and requirements. Once the degree and/or certificate evaluation is complete, you will receive an email from the Office of Admissions and Records notifying you of either your preliminary approval or of possible deficiencies preventing graduation.

Graduation Information

Exit Exam Testing 
Graduates who will earn an A.A.S., A.S. or A.A. degree are requested to take the Proficiency Profile. This exam should be taken during the last semester of coursework. Students receiving a Certificate are not required to take the exam.

The exam focuses on the overall academic skills students have developed through the general education curriculum rather than measuring knowledge in specific subjects. The exam is divided into three components: humanities, social sciences and natural sciences. Each area will test your college-level writing, college-level, reading, critical thinking and mathematics skills.

This online exam consists of two 60-minute tests with multiple-choice questions.
You may review sample questions, in preparation for the test, by going to online sample questions.

For testing dates/times and test locations, please click here. Contact Testing Services for questions about the test or testing dates. Call 423.323.0211 or 423.282.0800, ext. 3211. Office Hours: 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Financial and/or Library Obligations

Pursuant to 49-3364 Tennessee Code Annotated, no transcripts, diplomas, certificates or grade reports will be issued to any student who has not satisfied all debts, obligations or fines owed to the college, including but not limited to parking fines, returned checks, financial aid encumbrances or LBR (Library) encumbrances.

Career Services

Career Services provides job-seeking assistance and job referrals to enrolled students and alumni. Assistance is available on topics such as writing resumes, cover letters, interviewing techniques and dressing for success.

The Career Services Office maintains files for two-year Associate of Applied Science graduates who will be seeking employment upon completion of a degree and/or certificate from Northeast State. Please print, complete and submit the  Graduate Information Form to the Career Services Office in room C2418 on the Blountville campus. You may visit the Career Services Office located in the General Studies Building, Room C2418. The office hours are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.

Contact List for Graduation Information

Proficiency Profile
Email Denise Walker or call 423.323.0211

Alpha Sigma Lambda
Email Virginia Salmon or call 423.354.2423

Application, requirements, caps and gowns, honors and the ceremony
Email Samantha Rowlett or call 423.354.2419

Career Services
Email Jennifer Kendrick or call 423.354.5167

Major Field Test (Computer Information Technology, Business, and Administrative Professional Technology)
Email Linda McNutt or call 423.354.2420 

Major Field Test (Electrical)
Email Kimberly Tipton or call 423.279.7639

Northeast State Honors Program
Email Jane Honeycutt or call 423.354.2427

Phi Theta Kappa
Email Jane Honeycutt or call 423.354.2562

Leadership Programs
Email Student Life or call 423.354.2474

Students with Disabilities
Email Betty Mask or call 423.279.7640

Who’s Who Students
Email Greg Walters or call 423.354.5120