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As part of the Academic Affairs division, Evening Services provides not only assistance to evening students and others, but strives to assist with the dissemination of time-sensitive information to adjunct faculty. One of our goals is to provide adjunct faculty with quick, accessible information to help them succeed! 

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Adjunct Focus Newsletter Repository

Commit to Connect: Access to Pledge, Collect to Connect, and Your Prescription for Success notepads  

Collect to Connect Monthly Submissions: Examples of how faculty connect with students.

Student Success Synergy

Student Referral System


NeSCC Adjunct Focus Newsletter - Current Edition

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Check each Monday for a weekly e-mail of a new edition of Monday Morning Briefing by Bob Carpenter!

Title VI and Title IX Everfi Training - Part 1 Completion Required Spring Semester
Title VI and Title IX Everfi Training - Part 2 Completion Required Spring Semester

Adjunct Faculty: Make an Appointment with the Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) for One-on-One Training Sessions

The Center for Teaching Excellence [CTE] is located in Room L204 and helps faculty and staff implement the five-year Quality Enhancement Plan [QEP], Strategies for Teaching Excellence [STEP], as well as supports faculty and staff professional development. Get individualized help with the following:  

  • How to Use (Desire to Learn) D2L to benefit you and your students
  • Ideas for using your iPad as an education tool in the classroom
  • Tips on classroom instructional best practices
  • Assistance with navigating your e-mail, MyNortheast, and other institutional systems

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Acknowledge Your Adjunct Contract
Access IT Help Desk
Access IT Mobile Technology Assistance for All Campuses
Access Wireless and Open Computer Labs
Change Address/Phone and Other Contact Information
Complete the Adjunct Instructor Notification of Absence Form
       Adjunct Absence Information
Complete End-of-Semester Processes  
Enter Banner Final Grades
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Navigate MyNortheast
Student Referral System
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Schedule Makeup Testing - Testing Services - Make-Up Testing Cover Sheet
Sign-up for Emergency Alerts through Rave 


D2L Quick Guides
D2L Creating or Adding Content
D2L Gradebook Setup Examples/Instructions
       -Creating a Weighted Gradebook: Part I
       -Gradebook Setup YouTube Video 2
Change Course End Date
D2L and Yuja Tutorials - Log into your D2L Account for Access
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Interactive TV (ITV) and Zoom Technology Tutorials
       Connect with Zoom
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       Zoom Best Practices
       Zoom for iPad
Professional Development
Adjunct Faculty are invited, encouraged, and welcome to participate in professional development events. 
Professional Development Opportunities


Environmental Health and Safety
Title VI Everfi Training - Spring Semester
Title IX Everfi Training - Spring Semester - Phase 1 Completion Required by 03/15/19
Title IX Everfi Training - Spring Semester - Phase II Completion Required by 04/14/19

Mobile Technology Initiative

      iPad Training Resources
Utilizing Your Mobile Device
Faculty Resources for Digital Engagement
Access IT Mobile Technology Assistance for All Campuses

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