Articulation and Dual Credit

Students may earn free college credit through dual credit testing! Northeast State tests 1,000 high school students for credit each academic year and currently has 222 local dual credit agreements in place with area high schools! These agreements allow high school students who complete high school courses aligning with Northeast State courses to take end-of-course challenge exams to earn college credit. Students who successfully pass a challenge exam must enroll at the College within two years of high school graduation to have the credit transcribed on their college transcript. Students are limited to earning 8 credit hours of free college credit through dual credit.

Testing will be conducted on an as-needed basis in the fall, and testing will be offered in all subject areas at the spring Dual Credit Day event held on the Blountville campus. Students interested in finding out which courses at their high school are eligible for dual credit should contact their high school CTE principal or the Career and Technical Education office at or 423.354.5166.

Students enrolled at Northeast State (as a regularly admitted student or as a dual enrolled student) who want to take advantage of earned dual credit MUST request that dual credit be put on their transcript. They must request to have credits transcribed by filling out a Pathways Form and returning it the address listed on the form.

ACCT 1010 Principles of Accounting 3 Credit Hours
ADMN 1306 Medical Terminology 3 Credit Hours
AUTO 1120 Automotive Electrical 4 Credit Hours
AUTO 2140 Engine Analysis 4 Credit Hours
AUTO 2210 Alignment/Brakes 4 Credit Hours
AUTO 2990 Special Topics in Automotive Services 1 Credit Hour
AVIT 1300 Introduction to Aviation 3 Credit Hours
BUSN 1300 Personal Finance 3 Credit Hours
BUSN 1305 Introduction to Business 3 Credit Hours
CHEM 1060 Survey of Chemistry 4 Credit Hours
CITC 1300 Beginning HTML and CSS 3 Credit Hours
CITC 1301 Introduction to Programming & Logic 3 Credit Hours
CITC 1302 Introduction to Networking 3 Credit Hours
CITC 1307 Introduction to Spreadsheets 3 Credit Hours
CITC 1320 A+ Hardware & Software 3 Credit Hours
CITC 1323 CCNA I 3 Credit Hours
CRMJ 1010 Introduction to Criminal Justice 3 Credit Hours
DRAF 1210 Computer-Aided Drafting I 4 Credit Hours
ECED 2310 Safe, Healthy Learning Environment 3 Credit Hours
ELEC 1110 DC Fundamentals 4 Credit Hours
EMTP 1015 Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation 1 Credit Hour
ENGR 1110 Engineering Graphics 3 Credit Hours
INFS 1010 Computer Applications 3 Credit Hours
MATT 1110 Machine Tool Operations 4 Credit Hours
MATT 1510 Blueprint Reading 3 Credit Hours
MECH 2330 Piping & Auxiliaries 4 Credit Hours
WELD 1060 General Welding 4 Credit Hours

Dual Credit Guide
for High School CTE
Administrators and Teachers

Student FAQs

Statewide Dual Credit is an initiative led by the Tennessee Department of Education. Students who have completed a statewide dual credit exam should have their dual credit scores posted on their high school transcript. Upon enrollment at Northeast State, students should contact the Admissions office to ensure that earned credit is placed on their college transcript. For more information regarding statewide dual credit, students should refer to the TN DOE website.

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