Nursing Program

The Nursing program prepares individuals to become registered nurses. The associate degree nurse is a generalist whose practice encompasses the interrelated roles of care provider, coordinator/manager of care, and a member of the comprehensive health care team. Core components, which are elements essential to the work of the entry-level registered nurse and inherent in the three roles of nursing practice, include Professional Behaviors, Communication, Assessment, Clinical Decision Making, Caring Interventions, Teaching and Learning, Collaboration, and Managing Care. The professional codes of conduct and the demonstration to commitment for continuous learning and self-development are interrelated throughout the program.

Nursing (Traditional)

Nursing (LPN to RN)

Pre-Nursing: Transfer to ETSU (A.S. Degree)

Pre-Nursing: Transfer to King University (A.S. Degree)

Pre-Nursing: Transfer to Milligan College (A.S. Degree)