Northeast State employees will find a list of featured webinar opportunities on this page.  These webinars will be offered by various resources.  Those webinars requiring specific login information will be identified below.  For questions, please contact ProfDev@northeaststate.edu.  

Thursday, November 8th

Providing Increased Access and Affordability for Students via "Inclusive Access"

Delivered by: NISOD

Facilitator:  Dr. Mark McClendon, Vice Chancellor, Finance, Tarrant County College District; Dr. Tyson DeShaun McMillan, Faculty Advisor, Professor, Tarrant County College Trinity River Campus

Summary:  Co-chairs of the Tarrant County College Inclusive Access Project, Dr. Mark McClendon and Dr. Tyson McMillan, discuss their affordability program called TCC Plus, which launched in Spring 2018. TCC Plus is student focused, faculty driven, and administrative supported. Dr. McClendon shares his perspective from the administrative seat and Dr. McMillan, as co-chair and a faculty member in the program, shares the impact he has seen in the classroom. The webinar facilitators take you through their journey to Inclusive Access, how they implemented the program, share results from the pilot, as well as how they plan to grow exponentially in the upcoming academic semesters.

*Inclusive Access is a partnership between the institution, publishers, and campus bookstore to provide digital course materials to students on or before the first day of class at below market rates.

Thursday, December 6th

CHEERS! Teaching Strategies

Delivered by: NISOD

Facilitator:  Angela V. Payne, Professor, Collin College

Summary:  This webinar shares teaching strategies that the facilitator has used to increase student engagement and obtain good reviews from students and peers. CHEERS is an acronym that stands for: Challenge students to think critically, Help students by providing many resources, Encourage often, Excite students about the subject, Respect students, and Share stories that helped you become the professional you are today. During the webinar, participants are provided with examples of how to use engaging games in their classrooms; implement honor, encouragement, and respect in the classroom; and share personal stories with students that help them become more professional.  REGISTER HERE

Thursday, December 13th

Elevating Success Opportunities for Our Students: Encouraging Emotional Intelligence Skill Usage Throughout the Community College Curriculum

Delivered by: NISOD

Facilitator:  Ophelia A. Binkley-Webb, Instructor, Psychology, Wharton County Junior College

Summary: This webinar reviews the principles of emotional intelligence. The webinar facilitator provides reasons why it is beneficial to have students use high emotional intelligence skills throughout the community college curriculum and not just as part of psychology and other social science courses. Webinar participants learn about major emotional intelligence principles, why having high emotional intelligence skills is an important key to success in college and in life in general, and how much students can benefit from being encouraged to use emotional intelligence in all courses, including increasing pass rates and overall retention.  REGISTER HERE