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How is Pell Grant eligibility determined? 

Eligibility for the Federal Pell Grant will now be based on the student’s SAI or their family size, adjusted gross income (AGI), poverty guidelines, state of residence, and tax filing status.

  • Non-tax filers receive automatic -1,500 SAI (Independent student/spouse or parent of a dependent student).
  • Students with a zero or negative SAI are eligible for the maximum Pell Grant.
  • Family size, AGI, poverty guidelines, state of residence, and tax filing status determine Pell Grant eligibility for those who do not qualify for the maximum Pell award.

How will Pell Grant be awarded?  

Pell Grant will no longer be awarded per enrollment category, but based on the actual number of credits a student is enrolled in, as shown in the table below. Federal Student Aid is referring to this as “enrollment intensity”. Please note that the state aid programs HOPE, Aspire, Merit, TSAA, Foster Care and Helping Heroes Grants will still be awarded based on enrollment category (Full-Time, Three-Quarter Time, or Half-Time).

FAFSA and Pell Grants

Can I still receive Pell in the summer?

Yes! In fact, starting in the summer of 2025 students may receive Pell Grants for any number of enrolled credits. Currently some students are only eligible in the summer if they take 6 or more credits.

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