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Campus Police

As Chief of Police, it is my responsibility to provide students, staff, faculty and visitors of Northeast State a safe and secure environment in which to work and learn. This mission cannot be accomplished without your assistance and support.

I hope you find our website both informative and helpful. If you would like more information or have any questions, please stop by our office located in room C2401 or call 423.323.0255 (off campus) or extension 3255 (on campus). Campus police are on duty 365 days a year, 24 hours per day.

Crime Bulletins and Alerts

Crime bulletins or crime alerts will be communicated through this web page as well as through memorandums, the campus newsletter, flyers and other forums. Please check this web page periodically for updates.

Security Reports

Emergency Procedures in the Event of Illness/Injury

In the event of illness or injury to an employee, student or visitor, the Campus Police should be contacted immediately. Police officers will manage all emergency situations involving illness or injury. Depending upon the nature and seriousness of the illness/injury, the Campus Police will contact an external agency that provides emergency medical care. If an external agency responds to a request from the campus and provides emergency medical care, the individual receiving the care is financially responsible for the cost of the medical service.

AED Locations


  • General Studies Building (C) - Lobby Across from Campus Police Office
  • Faculty Office Building (F) - First Floor Across from F100
  • Powers Mathematics and Science Building (B) - Beside First Floor Elevator 
  • Basler Library (L) - Circulation Desk, Main Lobby 
  • Locke Humanities Complex (H) - First Floor Across from Restrooms 
  • Wellmont Regional Center for the Performing Arts (D) - First Floor Beside D192

Elizabethton: Lobby Entrance

Gray: Main Hall and to the Left


  • Blazier-Wilson Hall - Lobby 
  • KCHE - First Floor Hallway on the Left 
  • RCAM - Lobby 
  • RCAP - Lobby 
  • RCHP - First Floor Lobby

Prescription Drug Abuse

For the latest information on the region's efforts to provide substance abuse prevention and treatment, please visit the following links:

If you have a loved one who is at risk of overdosing on an opioid medication, please contact Sherry Barnett at 423.956.6529 to receive information on naloxone HCI training, an Opioid Overdose Prevention Kit, and referrals for support services. For more information on naloxone HCI, visit

Officers with the Northeast State Police Department, in accordance with TCA § 63-1-152, have been trained to possess and administer naloxone HCI to treat and reduce injuries and fatalities due to opioid-involved overdoses that may occur on a campus site. Emergency notifications can be made directly to Campus Police at 423.677.7927 (emergency cell) or by calling 9-1-1.   


Sex Offender Directory

The federal Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act and the Tennessee College and University Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act of 2002 require that whenever a sex offender becomes employed, enrolls as a student or volunteers at an institution of higher education in the state of Tennessee, he or she must complete or update the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) sexual offender registration/monitoring form and deliver it to TBI headquarters in Nashville.

In compliance with the federal Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act and the Tennessee College and University Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act of 2002, members of the campus community may obtain the most recent information received from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) concerning sex offenders employed, enrolled or volunteering at this institution from the Campus Police, in room C2401 or by calling 423.323.0255 off campus or extension 3255 on campus.

Correspondence may be sent to the following address: Northeast State Community College, Campus Police, P.O. Box 246, Blountville, TN 37617. Information is also available on the TBI’s website listing of sex offenders located on the Internet at under “Sexual Offender Registry.”

Firearms and Other Dangerous Weapons on Campus

As provided in Tennessee Code Annotated §39-17-1309, any unauthorized or illegal possession of, use of, or wearing of firearms or dangerous weapons of any kind shall not be permitted on the Northeast State campus.

State law prescribes a maximum penalty of six (6) years imprisonment and a fine not to exceed three thousand dollars ($3,000) for carrying weapons on school property.
Weapons shall include, though not exclusively, the following:  

  • An explosive or an explosive weapon. Explosive weapon means any explosive, incendiary or poisonous gas bomb, grenade, rocket, mine or shell, missile or projectile that is designed, made or adapted for the purpose of inflicting serious bodily injury, death or substantial property damage.
  • A device principally designed, made or adapted for delivering or shooting an explosive weapon.
  • Any knife that has a blade that opens automatically by applied pressure, gravity or inertia, bowie knife, hawk bill knife, or other weapons of like kind.
  • Any other device used for infliction of serious bodily injury or death that has no common lawful purpose.

Employees may become authorized to carry a handgun while on property owned, operated, or controlled by Northeast State Community College. The employee must be a full-time employee, must not be a current Northeast State Community College student, and must possess a valid handgun carry permit. The employee must notify campus law enforcement. The employee must meet and abide by all requirements set forth by Tennessee Code Annotated §39-17-1309 and §39-17-1351, Tennessee Board of Regents P7:01:00:00, and Northeast State Community College 07:01:00.

Please print and fill out this form, then return to Campus Police if you wish to carry a firearm on campus:



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Northeast State Community College, a Tennessee Board of Regents institution, is an equal opportunity, affirmative action institution. For questions or concerns, please contact the Affirmative Action Officer.