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Severe Weather

Immediate Actions: Indoors

  • Move quickly to a safe interior area without windows (e.g., hallways, basements, restrooms).
  • Move to the lowest level of the building.
  • Tornado shelters are marked.
  • If possible, close all doors as you leave an area.
  • Stay away from windows, doors, and exterior walls.
  • Do not go outdoors.

Immediate Actions: Outdoors

  • Get inside, if possible.
  • Stay away from trees, power lines, utility poles, and other hazards.
  • Curl up in a ditch or low-lying area; stay low to the ground; use your arms to protect your head and neck.

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Northeast State Community College, a Tennessee Board of Regents institution, is an equal opportunity, affirmative action institution. For questions or concerns, please contact the Affirmative Action Officer.