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This exam may not fulfill the Computer Proficiency requirements at transfer institutions. Students wishing to transfer to other colleges or universities with Computer Proficiency requirements must contact the transfer institution for verification of exam acceptance before scheduling the INFS Credit-by-Exam. This exam is for a grade, not pass or fail.

ETSU will accept the INFS Credit-by-Exam as the graduation requirement for Using Information Technology (UIT) at the university. No transfer credit for CSCI 1100 at the university will be awarded by ETSU based on the exam. Passing the exam provides no credit hours on a student's transcript -- but does fulfill ETSU's UIT proficiency requirement.

Request for Credit by Examination Form must be obtained in Room TEC 102 in the new Technical Education Complex on the Blountville campus, or email Linda McNutt at After obtaining the form, a test date may be scheduled by contacting the Testing Center in Blountville at  This exam can only be taken once. Retesting is not allowed.  The $25 fee must be paid at the Business Office in the General Studies Building, C2407. The Testing Center is located in Room C2303, General Studies Building.

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