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Financial Aid Forms

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The forms below may be completed and submitted to the Northeast State Financial Aid Office in person, via U.S. mail, or by fax unless otherwise stated.

Financial Aid Office
Northeast State Community College
P.O. Box 246, Blountville, TN 37617-0246
Fax: 423-323-0232

Verification Forms

If you have been asked to complete any of the forms below, it is because the Department of Education has selected your FAFSA for verification. By signing the FAFSA, you agreed, if asked, to provide information that will verify the accuracy of your completed application. Please look at your MyNortheast online account to determine which forms are needed. Do not complete any of the forms below unless you have been requested to do so by the Financial Aid Office.

Forms for Academic Year 2023-2024 

IRS Tax Return Transcript Request

You can order your IRS Tax Return Transcript online by clicking Order IRS Transcript and completing the online application. Note: Be sure to request the "Tax Return Transcript".

Satisfactory Academic Progress

This form must be completed when the Financial Aid Office has notified a student that he/she is currently or was previously placed on financial aid removal.

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Standards Policy
Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Appeal Form
Request for Degree Works Audit for SAP

  • Read the Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards Policy.  
  • A complete appeal consists of a signed appeal form located at the link above, and additional documentation supporting the appeal. An incomplete appeal will not be accepted upon submission or will be subject to denial.
  • Appeals can only be approved for current or future terms. An appeal that is submitted after the census of a term will be considered for the next enrollment period.
  • If the appeal is approved, a student must sign the Satisfactory Academic Progress 'Plan' and must adhere to the agreed upon terms of the 'Plan'.
  • An appeal may be denied for failure to provide required documentation if student is nearing the 150% maximum time-frame and will go beyond the time-frame limitations to complete their program.
  • The Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeals Committee will review and rule on a complete submitted appeal.
  • The Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeals Committee may request additional documentation for an appeal and the documents must be submitted before the committee can rule on an appeal. The new appeal submit date will be the day the requested documents are submitted.
  • If an appeal is submitted with less than 10 business days before the semester starts then the committee may not be able to come to a decision prior to fees being due. In which case the student will be responsible for paying their tuition and fees until a ruling can be determined.
  • There is no guarantee that an appeal will be approved in which case the student will be responsible for all tuition and fees on their student bill.

Consortium Agreement Request

This form is used as a contract between two colleges/universities that recognizes the registration of a student at each site for financial aid purposes. It also certifies that only one of the two colleges/universities will administer Title IV financial aid for the student. Click here to learn more about the Consortium Agreement.

Federal Work-Study Program

This form is to be completed if a student is interested in the Federal Work-Study Program (FWS). To participate in the FWS program, the student must complete and submit a FAFSA and have eligibility for FWS funding.  

Northeast State Online General Scholarship Application

This is the application for scholarships offered through Northeast State Community College. The application must be submitted by March 1 of each academic year. For more details visit Northeast State Scholarships.

HOPE, TN Promise, & TN Reconnect Appeals

This form must be completed prior to the following requests. The deadline to submit the completed appeal is the 14th calendar day of the semester. Any appeal submitted after that date will be considered for the following semester.

Financial Aid Plan for Satisfactory Academic Progress

Change of Income Appeals

It is the policy of the Northeast State Financial Aid Office to consider change of income requests related to unexpected events affecting your financial situation that were beyond your control. Contact the Financial Aid Help Center at or call 423-279-3684 if the income information on your 2023-2024 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) does not accurately reflect your current financial situation.

Third Party Release Form

Due to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974, our office is not permitted to discuss your financial aid account with anyone other than yourself. If you would like to give the Financial Aid Office permission to speak with someone other than yourself about your account, you must complete the Third Party Release form available at all Northeast State campuses. The form only permits the designated person to inquire about your financial aid. However, you may also use this form to give the Admissions & Records Office permission to discuss your academic records with the designated person. This form must be signed by the student in the presence of an admissions and records or a financial aid representative.

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