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Center for Teaching and Learning Directory by Position


Deirdre Close (Director) 3270
Paula Johnson (Associate) 5201
Sherrita Spriggs (Graduation Analyst) 3688
Michelle Stanley (Asstistant Director) 3436
Ashley Strickland (Associate) 3243


Nancy Beverly (TN Rec) 3689
Kathy Coleman (Dean) 3414
Scott Dennis (TN Rec) 7665
Julie Dykes (Academic Advisor) 5111
Linda Hamilton (Transfer) 3342
Zackery Keith (First Step) 3346
Wendell Lowe (Workforce) 3344
Michelle Rantuccio (TNRec) 3715
Merry Remaley (First Step) 5153
Christina Reeves (Administrative Assistant) 3214
Shawna Shafer  (Academic Advisor) 5352

Business Office

Miranda Herbert (Holds) 3310

Career and Workforce Development Services

Jennifer Kendrick (Coordinator, Kingsport) 5167
Julie Murray (Coordinator, Blountville) 5160

Center for Teaching/Learning

Jim Kelly (Director) 5162
Jane Honeycutt 3396
Dawn Dabney (Faculty Assistant)
Andrea Amos (Faculty Assistant)
Tabetha Garman (Faculty Assistant) 

Computer Services (IT)

Ryan Buchanon (Computer Tech) 5343
Robin Cain (Computer Tech) 3304
Michael Collins (D2L) 3440
Nick Guinn (Computer Tech) 3436
Nathan Hawkins (IT Coordinator) 5122
Kevin Hubbard (Network) 3260
Margaret Lester (Assist. VP; Chief Information Officer) 3202
Steve Nickols (Systems Manager; password/user problems) 3547


David Bryant (Health Professions) 3680
Kathy Coleman (Advising) 3414
Tricia Crawford (Behavioral & Social Sciences) 3352
Chris Demas (Library) 3288
Brandon Dotson (Enrollment and Students - Plagiarism) 3205
Donna Farrell (Technologies) 3384
Chris Hitechew (Science) 3514
Elizabeth McKnight (Humanities)  3341
Malissa Trent (Math) 3515
Denise Walker (Student Services/Counseling)  3211

Financial Aid

April Allen (TN Promise)  5360
Jessica Kelso 5150
Betty Pennington 3234
Cathy Phillips (Accessibility, TN Reconnect) 3684
Yana Popper 3251
Scotty Simerly 3696
Sarah Swett 3233


Jane Honeycutt 3396
Angela Cobble (Admn. Assist) 3210
Katie Stout (Mentor Spec.) 5356


Melissa Trent (Work Order Form:Work Order) 3206


Sherry Lawson (Degree Works; Curriculum Specialist) 5178
Samantha Rowlett (Assistant Registrar) 3473

Student Outreach & Engagement (Student Needs) 

Rayma Gibbs (Coordinator) 7637
Milly Marmalade (Specialist) 5235
Melony Ison (Case Manager) 3727
Brittany Wick (Student Support Navigator) 5281

Success Coaches

Jim Henrichs (Dir. Student Success) 3275
Susan Marshall (Veterans) 3327
Shelby McKenzie (Dual Enrollment) 5186
Cate Strain (advising, D2L) 5187
Blaine Wade (advising/careers) 5274
Carla Warner (advising/careers/ASAPP [Adult Student Acad. Prog. coach])  2499


Chris Duncan 2415
Wes Greear 3291
Cindy Perry (TLC) 5112

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