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Digital Accessibility

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What Is Digital Accessibility?

Digital accessibility is the capacity for digital resources to be easily navigated and understood and provides equal access to a broader range of users, including those with visual, auditory, motor, or cognitive impairments.  While supporting social inclusion, digital accessibility is achieved when all individuals have equitable access to digital content.  The process is an ongoing one, which requires a commitment to continuous improvement.

Commitment to Digital Accessibility

The purpose of this project is to provide digitally accessible information to all individuals when and wherever possible.  The College will strive to provide, to the best of its abilities, all students, employees, applicants, and members of the public equal access to digital resources except where such a change would necessitate a modification of the fundamental educational value of the resource or impose an undue burden on the College.

Northeast State has an ongoing commitment to continuous improvement to including the area of digital accessibility.  Northeast State Community College values respect, responsibility, and responsiveness; and it is these core values that guide the College’s Digital Accessibility Project.  

  • We will respect the diversity of our educational community and understand expanding inclusivity is paramount.
  • We will act with responsibility in expanding the digital access of our educational resources.
  • We will be responsive to the educational needs of not only our students and employees but also our community at large.

Help Form

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