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Revised May 2024


Northeast State shall be a premier learning‐centered institution whose students and graduates will be among the best‐prepared individuals to meet current and emerging needs.


Northeast State is an open‐access, public, comprehensive community college that advances lifelong learning and strengthens the economic and social/cultural aspects of the community. To facilitate teaching, learning, service, and student success, the College provides innovative, high‐quality, and relevant associate, certificate, and career‐focused educational programs and services. Programming and comprehensive support services are offered through varied delivery systems and at multiple campuses throughout its primary service area of Carter, Johnson, Sullivan, Unicoi, and Washington Counties. Within all aspects of its operations, Northeast State serves the public’s interest through the judicious use of fiscal, human, and physical resources and through the provision of safe and secure campuses.


Northeast State Community College embraces these values:

Respect - We value respect and provide an environment of cooperation.

Responsibility - We value responsibility and promote integrity, accountability, and excellence in teaching, learning, and services.

Responsiveness - We value responsiveness and facilitate personal, professional, and economic growth.

  • Goal 1. Increase accessibility to educational and public service programs
    • 1.1. Increase overall headcount and full-time equivalent enrollment
    • 1.2. Increase dual enrollment headcount and full-time equivalent enrollment
    • 1.3. Develop additional course, program, and customized training offerings to respond to emerging markets and trends
  • Goal 2. Promote student success through enhanced retention, graduation, and careerdevelopment efforts
    • 2.1. Increase student retention as demonstrated by student progression to select credit-hour benchmarks
    • 2.2. Increase graduation rates
    • 2.3. Increase the number of credentials awarded to include associate degrees and certificates
    • 2.4. Increase the total awards per full-time equivalent (FTE) student
  • Goal 3. Provide quality programs and services that are recognized for excellence
    • 3.1. Increase the percentage of students enrolled in high impact practice courses
    • 3.2. Maintain or improve the number of accreditable programs that are accredited or seeking accreditation
    • 3.3. Achieve a satisfactory aggregate score on program reviews/academic audits for all non-accreditable programs
    • 3.4. Each full-time faculty member shall participate in a minimum of four professional development opportunities annually
    • 3.5. Maintain or improve licensure and certification pass rates and performance on national subject examinations
  • Goal 4. Demonstrate institutional accountability, resourcefulness, and efficiency through the continuous assessment, planning, and implementation process
    • 4.1. Demonstrate institutional accountability, resourcefulness, revenue diversification, and efficiency through the continuous assessment, planning, and implementation process
    • 4.2. Monitor the composite financial index score and its corresponding ratios that are within our control
    • 4.3. Develop and implement fundamental, discrete cost center elements, disaggregated by academic discipline, toward an overall instructional-focused cost center management system
    • 4.4. Increase the post-award progression of graduates, to include transfer and job placement rates

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Northeast State Community College, a Tennessee Board of Regents institution, is an equal opportunity, affirmative action institution. For questions or concerns, please contact the Affirmative Action Officer.