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The University Parallel Dual Enrollment (UPDE) Program allows students to earn transferable college credit. These classes may be taught by qualified faculty members at service-area high schools or students may enroll in courses at Northeast State campuses. UPDE students are afforded the same academic and support services as all other Northeast State students.


  • Dual enrollment students can simultaneously earn college and high school credit.
  • Dual enrollment students are intellectually and academically challenged, enhancing leadership and social development.
  • Dual enrollment students are eligible to use all available academic and student support services.

Program Entrance Requirements

  • Students must be enrolled in high school.
  • Students must submit a Northeast State application for admission and provide a high school transcript, ACT or SAT scores, and proof of residency.
  • Students must have an 18 in English and a 19 in Reading on the ACT to enroll in most general education courses and at least a 19 in Math for math and science courses.  Students who have taken the SAT must score a 490 in Writing and 500 in Reading and Math. Students who have not taken the ACT or SAT must successfully pass the ACCUPLACER placement test, which is an untimed placement test given at Northeast State. For specific course pre-requisite information, please visit our Loading....
  • Courses must be chosen by the student in consultation with the high school counselor or principal (unless home-schooled) and the University Parallel Dual Enrollment administrators.
  • Students requesting to enroll in more than 12 semester credit hours in a given semester must have prior approval from the Assistant Vice President of Multi-Campus Programs.
  • Exceptions to the above criteria must be approved by the high school principal (unless home-schooled) and the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Steps to Enroll

  • UPDE students who enroll in courses at their high school will attend an orientation session hosted by UPDE staff at their high school prior to enrollment.
  • UPDE students who enroll at a Northeast State campus will attend an advisement appointment with the UPDE Director or Coordinator to complete required applications and discuss course options.

University Parallel Dual Enrollment Application Packet

 Tennessee Dual Enrollment Grant 

High school juniors and seniors may apply for the Dual Enrollment Grant in order to offset tuition costs associated with dual enrollment courses. Juniors and seniors are eligible to receive grant funding to cover the cost of their first two dual enrollment courses if they meet HOPE Eligibility requirements (Tennessee resident for 12 months + 21 ACT Composite or 3.0 High School G.P.A.). Please visit the Tennessee State Dual Enrollment Grant website for more information.

Grades and Transferability 

All courses employ the Northeast State grading scale.  Most institutions receiving transfer credit require that the student earn at least a "C" average on college-level work to be transferred. Although Northeast State students have successfully transferred to numerous colleges and universities, it is the responsibility of students who are not planning to attend Northeast State after high school to contact the colleges of their choice to ensure transferability of coursework. All grades earned will become a permanent part of the student's academic record at Northeast State.


For more information about the University Parallel Dual Enrollment Program, please read our 2021-2022 Dual Enrollment Student Handbook

  • Jacqueline Rasnic, Coordinator, High School Programs
  • Lana Hamilton Hall, Room F206, Blountville Campus
  • 423.354.2586 
  • Vanessa Price, Coordinator, High School Programs and Perkins V
  • Lana Hamilton Hall, Room F210, Blountville Campus
  • 423.354.5297

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