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Request for Certification

An Enrollment Certification must be submitted before the start of each semester that you plan to use your Veteran Education Benefits.  This is your way of alerting our office that you would like to use your Veteran Education Benefits, specify the semester you would like to use them and providing us with permission to release your enrollment information to the VA. 

It is important that you complete this form as soon as you are registered for class, so there is not a delay in payment. Veteran benefits cannot be certified without the completion of this form.

To streamline the process, we have combined our Request for Certification and Deferment of Fees form into one online form.

Please click here to complete and submit the required form.

If you have having difficulty accessing or submitting this form, please feel free to contact us at or 423-354-5305

Eligibility for Deferment of Payment of Tuition and Fees by Certain Eligible Students Receiving U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs or Other Governmentally Funded Educational Assistance Benefits.

Veteran student at Northeast State

Service members, veterans, and dependents of veterans who are eligible beneficiaries of U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs education benefits or other governmentally funded educational assistance, subject to the conditions and guidelines set forth in Tennessee Code Annotated 49-7-104 as amended, may elect, upon formal application, to defer payment of required tuition and fees until the final day of the term for which the deferment has been requested.  Application for the deferment must be made no later than 14 days after the beginning of the term, and the amount of the deferment shall not exceed the total monetary benefits to be received for the term.  Students who have been granted deferments are expected to make timely payments on their outstanding tuition and fees balance once education benefits are being delivered, and eligibility for such deferment shall terminate if the student fails to abide by any applicable rule or regulation, or to act in good faith in making timely payments.  This notice is published pursuant to Public Chapter 279, Acts of 2003, effective July 1, 2003.

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