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NBS QuikPAY® Payment Plans

To help meet educational expenses each semester, Northeast State Community College is pleased to offer QuikPAY, a convenient payment plan. It is not a loan; therefore, there is no debt, and no interest or finance charges are assessed. No credit check is required.

Target Dates to Enroll By:
Fall 2023 Payment plan available July 1, 2023
Last day to enroll online Required down payment Number of payments Months of payments
July 27 25% 3 Aug - Oct
Aug 20 50% 2 Sept & Oct
Spring 2024 Payment plan available November 6, 2023
Last day to enroll online Required down payment Number of payments Months of payments
Nov 23 25% 3 Dec - Feb
Dec 27 50% 2 Jan & Feb
Jan 15 50% 1 Feb only
50% of the student's account must be paid by the first day of class.

After you register for classes, you can setup a QuikPAY account and payment plan by logging into MyNortheast and then completing the following steps:

  1. Click on the "Student" link
  2. Click on "Student Accounts"
  3. Click on "Account Summary"
  4. Click "Go to QuikPAY Payment Plan" at the bottom of the "Accounts Summary" page 

The plan is set up to automatically draft the payment on the 5th of each month until the account is paid. It will draft from the account you use when you set up the plan unless you inform Nelnet that you wish to change payment methods.

Note: If someone else will be paying the tuition on your behalf, you will need to create an authorized payer account for them. The authorized payer must login to their account to enroll in the payment plan.

IMPORTANT: The down payment and the $25.00 enrollment fee will be two different transactions on your bank account or credit card. The down payment will be processed first. If the $25.00 enrollment fee fails even though the down payment went through you will be terminated from the plan. This could result in being purged from your classes. The plan will send an email to your student email address.  You can change that email address to a different one when you enroll.  It is very important that you check your student email address for messages concerning your payment plan status.

Payment Plan Overview and Schedule 

A $25.00 per semester nonrefundable fee is required. The NBS (QuikPAY) Enrollment Fee, along with the down payment, is automatically deducted from your account immediately.

Payments are automatically deducted on the 5th of each month from a designated checking or savings account, or you may also have your payment charged to a credit card. If you elect to use a credit card, only VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express are accepted. Please note: Check, Debit, and ATM Cards may be returned unpaid due to daily limit restrictions imposed by your bank.

If your payment on the 5th is not successful, NBS will reattempt the payment on the 20th of the month. If a payment is not successful, you will receive notification from NBS on how the unsuccessful payment will be handled. Your NBS agreement will be processed until the balance owed is paid in full.

For each returned payment, NBS assesses a $30.00 returned payment fee. Returned payment fees are automatically deducted from the designated account. If your NBS Returned Payment Fee is returned, it will be reattempted. NBS Returned Payment Fees are payable to NBS.

NBS fees are subject to change. Interest earned on all custodial funds held by NBS is payable to NBS Management Company.

If you have questions, please contact NBS at 888.470.6014 or the Northeast State Community College Business Office at 423.354.2511. Log in to MyNortheast for more information about your payment plan.

Completing the QuikPAY Agreement

When applying online be sure to have the following information: 

  • The nine-digit student ID number as assigned by Northeast State Community College.
  • The name and address of the person responsible for making the payments.
  • Account information of the person responsible:
    1. If paying by automatic bank payments you will need the financial institution's name, telephone number, account number, and the financial institution's routing number. Most of this information is located on your personal check. 
    2. If paying by credit card, you will need the credit card number and expiration date. 

QuikPAY® is a registered trademark of Nelnet Business Solutions, Inc.

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