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Spring 2024 Honors Course Schedule
Course ID Course Name Days and Times
ART 2020 IH1 Art History Survey Online
BIOL 1120 BH1 General Biology II MW: 9:00-10:20
BIOL 1120 B41 General Biology Lab M: 10:30-12:20
BIOL 1510 IH1 Environmental Science Online Lecture
BIOL 1510 BH4 Environmental Science Lab R 1:30-4:50
BIOL 2010-BH1 Anatomy & Physiology I TR: 9:00-10:20 Glass
F: 9-11 Glass
BIOL 2010-B63 Anatomy & Physiology I Lab R: 10:30-12:20 Glass
BIOL-2020-BH1 Anatomy & Physiology II MW: 1:30-2:50 Glass
F: 9-11 Glass
BIOL-2020-B48   Anatomy & Physiology II Lab W: 10:30-12:20 Glass
BIOL 2230 BH1 Microbiology TR: 12:00-1:20
BIOL 2230 BH4   Microbiology Lab T: 8:30-11:20
COMM 2025 IH1 Fundamentals of Communication


ECON 2100-BH1       Macroeconomics MW: 12:00-1:20
ENGL 2160 BH1 Mythology MW: 9:00-10:20
ENGL 2120 IH1 Modern American Literature ONLINE CO-REQ HIST 2020 IHI
HIST 2020-IHI Modern US History ONLINE CO-REQ ENGL 2120-IHI
HIST 2020 Modern US History TR: 12:00-1:20
HUM 2350 BH1 Technology in Society Online
HUM 1020 IH1 Modern Humanities Online
PSYC 2130-BH1 Lifespan Psychology MW: 10:30-11:50
SOCI 1040-BH1 Social Problems MW: 9:00-10:20
WGST 2050 BH1
Intro to Women/Gender Studies M: 1:30-2:50/W ONLINE
SRVL 1020 BH1
Introduction to Service Learning M: 9:00-10:20/W ONLINE

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